Have you heard what they’re saying about us?

From now until June 10, 2020, National Right to Life is bringing Viable: The Truth in One Act to living rooms across the country. In cooperation with Creative Christian Media and WatchSalemMedia.com, we are making this play available for repeated viewing for a one-time donation of $19.95.

Many have seen the play when it was touring the United States, and more are seeing it now that it can be streamed on demand.

And have you heard what they’re saying about it?

“Thanks for being creative enough to find another way to share this message, even though you can no longer do live performances. Viable was every bit as excellent and touching as I anticipated, based on the promotions and testimonials. It is a marvelous reminder of God’s love, forgiveness, and redemption for whatever burdens people may carry. Congratulations! Keep up the good work!”

Not only was it a great performance… it was a true and accurate performance.

“I am very familiar with the pain and the guilt and the shame; how important it is to love and care on post-abortive women–and men, for that matter.”

You can watch Viable today and see for yourself what everyone else is talking about.

For more information about the play itself, read this review from National Right to Life News Editor Dave Andrusko HERE. Tune in today! Your donation supports National Right to Life and your state’s right to life organization!