Georgia Gov. excludes abortionists from executive order limiting legal liability during pandemic

By Dave Andrusko

On April 14, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed emergency legislation that designated hospitals and frontline medical staffers as “auxiliary emergency management workers” and provided them additional legal protection from personal injury lawsuits during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Tuesday, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported, Gov. Kemp extended an “executive order that limits legal liability for Georgia’s hospitals and medical workers during the pandemic.” In that same executive order, Kemp “also specifically exempts from protection the medical employees who perform abortions. His office said in a statement the decision will not affect facilities that doctors use to perform abortions,” according Greg Bluestein.

Tuesday’s order, Bluestein writes, says “‘[I]n no case shall workers providing or performing services in or in conjunction with healthcare facilities’ that carry out abortions be granted the protections under his order.”

 “It should come as no surprise that elective abortions are not emergency management activities,” Kemp spokeswoman Candice Broce said. “Abortion providers are undeserving of enhanced liability protections because they are doing nothing to fight COVID-19 in Georgia.”

Staci Fox, the chief executive of Atlanta-based Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates, told the newspaper that attorneys or PPSEA “are reviewing Kemp’s decision.” 

“Abortion is essential and it remains legal in the state of Georgia,” Fox said.