Pro-life Heroes and Heroines around Virginia during the time of COVID-19

By Olivia Gans Turner, President, Virginia Society for Human Life  (VSHL)

There are so many amazing people doing wonderful things to provide health care and medical services at this time. VSHL wants to send a word of gratitude to every nurse, doctor, medical technician, hospital staffer, paramedic, pharmacist, home health care worker, etc. We are so grateful for the care and service you are offering all of us right now and always.

Our gratitude extends to those in our communities who are keeping life going as normally as possible right now — grocery stores, postal staff, DIY stores, teachers, and faith leaders, among others. 

Thank you all!

One group of volunteers stands out to the pro-life community at large: our incredible teams at the many pro-life pregnancy resource centers around the Commonwealth of Virginia. Mothers and babies and their families are seeking advice and care now more than eve. In the face of new stress and challenges you are still available, finding new ways to connect via the internet and even onsite ultrasound services. There are stories coming to us every day from your efforts about lives being saved; thanks to you all! 

VSHL members, if you can, please consider making a gift to your local PRC. Contact your local center and ask what they need to keep serving moms in crisis.  They need things like masks and sanitizer wipes along with all the regular lists of items — diapers, baby clothes, maternity clothes, etc.

VSHL Educational Activities Are Still Going Ahead!

Don’t forget that the annual VSHL Alex and Geline B. Williams Oratory Contest is underway.  This is a great activity for your student at home. Open to High School Juniors and Seniors. Details about the rules for submitting your speech via video are here.