“Telemedicine Abortion Ban” passes out of Ohio Senate

On Wednesday, the Ohio Senate passed Senate Bill 260, the Telemedicine Abortion Ban. This legislation prohibits the use of telemedicine for the purpose of providing abortion-inducing drugs.

In response, Stephanie Ranade Krider, Vice President of Ohio Right to Life, said “Today, as the United States Supreme Court hears a pro-life case, the passage of this bill by the Ohio Senate takes on even greater importance. We are so grateful to the Ohio Senate for passing Senate Bill 260 to protect women’s health and safety.”

Krider continued

As the proportion of chemically-induced abortion continues to increase, greater care – not less – ought to be exercised in ensuring women’s safety. While it is too late for the unborn baby on whom the effects of this drug will be almost certainly fatal, using telemedicine to dispense dangerous, abortion-inducing drugs, as Planned Parenthood is already doing in Ohio, shows the abortion industry’s lack of regard for the danger it poses their patients. It is unacceptable to compromise patient safety for the convenience of the industry.”

Krider concluded,

Ohio Right to Life thanks Senator Steve Huffman and the Ohio Senate for their leadership on this legislation and their commitment to defending innocent life.