Mississippi on verge of being abortion-free

By Dave Andrusko

As of 6:25 this morning when a story in the Mississippi Clarion Ledger was updated, the state’s lone abortion clinic– the Jackson Women’s Health Organization’s clinic—was still open.

But there are good reasons to believe that after decades of patient work, Mississippi could soon well be abortion-free.

“The Mississippi State Department of Health has ordered all elective medical procedures and non-essential medical visits to be postponed,” Giacomo Bologna and Alissa Zhu reported. “While the health department’s directive did not specify abortions as elective, Reeves indicated otherwise on Tuesday.”

“Without question, the lone clinic in Jackson does in fact operate doing procedures that are elective, not required, and should be following guidelines,” [Gov. Tate] Reeves said. “If they are not, we would prepared to take additional action to make sure they do.”

When asked what those additional actions might mean, Gov. Reeves said, “We’ll take whatever action we need to to protect not only the lives of unborn children, but also the lives of anyone who may contract this particular virus.” He added, “I don’t know any specifics, so I’m not saying they are currently operating. I just simply don’t know … We’ll take whatever necessary actions.”

[Kelly Krause, described as a spokeswoman for the Center for Reproductive Rights, the  legal advocacy group that represents the Jackson Women’s Health Organization, told the Mississippi Clarion Ledger the clinic is still open.]

According to Bologna and Zhu, Gov. Reeves also cited the importance of marshalling of resources: the “need to protect our (personal protective equipment), our masks, et cetera, and other supplies for anyone who gets infected by this virus.”