Never again can a Kermit Gosnell be allowed to operate in Pennsylvania.

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Editor’s note. NRL News Today ran multiple stories Tuesday that detailed the shocking horror that there are people who are indifferent (at best) to the fate of  babies who survive the abortionist’s best attempts to kill these children. Sometimes they pretend such babies don’t exist. But whether a baby unintentionally survives a “botched” abortion or, as was the case with Kermit Gosnell, is deliberated aborted alive and then killed, there are an untold number of “abortion survivors.” In this column Maria Gallagher reminds us of Gosnell and his “House of Horrors.”

Thumbing through the contents of my desk, I saw it, and I was reminded again of the horror we had all lived through.

It was the DVD of the film “Gosnell–The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer.” The emotionally gripping movie tells the story of Kermit Gosnell, the real-life abortionist who was ultimately convicted of murdering three newborn babies and of involuntary manslaughter in the death of a female immigrant patient, Karnamaya Mongar.              

Each time I see that DVD, I remember the searing pain I experienced reading the grand jury report that led to Gosnell’s prosecution and eventually convictions. I recall the crushing sadness of seeing photos of huge late-term babies who died unimaginably brutal deaths at Gosnell’s hands. And I will never forget the grand jury’s conclusion that Gosnell probably murdered hundreds of babies, but that prosecutors could only bring charges in a handful of cases, because he had destroyed so much evidence.

Deeply troubling as well were the revelations of  local and state governmental bureaucracies that allowed Gosnell to ply his evil trade year in and year out, despite so many lawsuits that had been filed against him for his outrageous conduct. How could this happen in Pennsylvania, the Commonwealth that I now called home?

One primary reason was that pro-abortion Governors put a stop to inspections, claiming they would interfere with “abortion access.” 

Since the news about Gosnell first came to light, Pennsylvania lawmakers took decisive action, passing legislation that required abortion facilities to follow the same health and safety standards that govern outpatient surgery centers. Numerous abortion centers have closed their doors because they either could not or would not meet basic health guidelines. 

I grieve with the mothers who lost their children in Gosnell’s House of Horrors. I pray for hope and healing for the women who were maimed or psychologically scarred by Gosnell. Often forgotten is that Gosnell preyed almost exclusively on poor women of color.

And as I dust off the copy of my DVD, I think to myself “Never again.” Never again can a Gosnell be allowed to operate in Pennsylvania. Never again can abortion centers be exposed to less oversight than hair and nail salons.

Never again can state regulators assume that an abortionist has women’s best interests at heart.     

And never again can a living, breathing baby be left in an abortionist’s toilet bowl, struggling to survive.