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By Dave Andrusko

The latest issue of NRL News arrived in your in-boxes this morning. We timed it so the edition appeared after the Iowa caucuses and the day of the New Hampshire primary. Before the day is over, I hope you can begin to dig into the latest issue and share its contents using your social media contacts.

President Trump’s historic speech to the March for Life is covered in eight separate stories. Having a President attend the march for the first time in person was symbolically important. But it was the substance of his remarks that so encouraged the massive crowd. (The text itself is found on page 20.)

In addition to exhaustive coverage of the President’s remarks, the February issue of “the pro-life newspaper of record” goes into great detail about the political landscape. Our coverage begins on page one and is woven into stories on page 2, 5, 7, 8, and 15.

Great news. Just before we put the finishing touches on the edition, the West Virginia Senate unanimously supported The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. Once the House formally concurs with acceptable amendments the Senate made, the bill is off to the governor who is expected to quickly sign HB 4007/SB 231 into law.

We will talk more tomorrow about the February edition. Suffice it to say here, we have stories about important court cases, an overview of the “State of Abortion in the United States,” encouraging polling data, and a report on a study reaffirming that the unborn child can experience pain by the 20th week, and likely much earlier.

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