The latest pro-abortion threats in the Virginia legislature

Please contact your legislators again today!

By Olivia Gans Turner, President, Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL)

On this sad anniversary of Roe v. Wade, when we in Virginia are facing a dreadful roll-back of our many pro-life victories, we must remain faithful.

Thankfully, yesterday a Senate Committee moved to set SJ2, the so-called “constitutional reproductive right,” aside for this year. They can bring it up again in 2021, and most likely they will.

Today two more bad bills will come before the Courts of Justice: HB 980, which will allow nurses or clinic staff to perform abortions and removes all of the informed consent requirements, including the 24-hour waiting period; and HB 1060, which will strip away the ultrasound law!

You can find info about them both at the Legislative Action Center on our website. Scroll down to HB 980 and enter your info to send an email to your Delegate; then scroll down to SB68 / HB 1060 to send an email to your Senator and Delegate. Please send your messages. Thank you, it does matter.

The actions of those in Richmond and Washington to deny the right to life to every new life must make us stronger. Step up to be heard, be seen, be present.

Someone recently asked me if what we do — sending an email, making a call, talking to a stubborn legislator — really helps. My answer: yes!

Today we remember, and take a moment to do something to speak truth to power.

Thank you!