Indiana Attorney General Hill releases report, confirms aborted babies found preserved on Klopfer property cannot be individually identified

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Attorney General Curtis Hill released a preliminary report Tuesday confirming that the individual identities of the 2,411 medically-preserved aborted babies, discovered on the property of the now-deceased abortionist Ulrich Klopfer in September, cannot be determined. Hill also confirms he will now seek a respectful and dignified disposition for these little ones.

“From the time we first learned of the gruesome discovery of these remains,” Attorney General Hill said, “we have sought to exercise our statutory authority with great care and prudence. This case exemplifies the need for strong laws to ensure the dignified disposition of fetal remains, like those passed by the Indiana General Assembly in 2016 and upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2019.”

“We can only take comfort in knowing God knows each of these aborted children by name, just as He knows each of the nearly 8,000 unborn children killed by abortion each year in our state,” said Mike Fichter, president and CEO of Indiana Right to Life. “These children will not be forgotten, and we pray 2020 brings us one year closer to ending the tragedy and injustice of abortion.”