Birmingham Pharmacist Forced Girls to Take Abortion Drugs to Hide His Abuse for 20 Years

By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

Michael Oluronbi, a pharmacist and preacher, sexually abused children in Birmingham and forced them to take abortion drugs in order to cover up his abuse. Alithea Williams, SPUC Campaign Assistant said: “Abortion is used by abusers to cover up the evidence of their crimes. It is therefore vital that we keep abortion within the criminal law to ensure abusers are brought to justice.”

The campaign of abuse, which lasted for over 20 years, resulted in four young victims becoming pregnant. Oluronbi and his wife Juliana arranged forced abortions for the victims in order to hide the abuse. One girl is known to have had six forced abortions.

During the sentencing of Oluronbi and his wife in Birmingham Crown Court, Nick Walton, Detective Superintendent, said: “He was a qualified pharmacist so he had access to certain medications and on other occasions booked them into clinics under false names.”

Five of the victims attended Oluronbi’s cult-like church in Edgbaston, Birmingham–the same location where a Marie Stopes abortion clinic unexpectedly closed this month.

Oluronbi, originally from Nigeria, has been found guilty of 15 counts of rape. His wife, Juliana, was convicted of three counts of aiding and abetting after she assisted in arranging forced abortions for the victims.

How Many Sexual Abusers Are Not Brought To Justice?

“In a society where illegal underage sex has been normalised and abortion is presented as a simple solution, we have created an environment where sexual abuse can flourish undetected.” Miss Williams said. “In such a culture it can be very difficult for vulnerable young women to fully grasp the wrong that has been done to them, let alone give evidence against the perpetrator. We have to ask how many sexual abusers are not brought to justice?”

In 2019, SPUC reported on how a senior NHS worker was jailed for grooming an underage girl and pressuring her to have an abortion.

Givemore Gezi, aged 39, was jailed for 10 years for having sexual relations with a teenager and forcing her to have an abortion against her will to conceal his illegal sexual activity.

Similarly, in 2019 an abusive man who manipulated his pregnant partner into taking abortion drugs to kill their unborn child was jailed for seven years.

Dangers of Decriminalisation

Decriminalising abortion would take abortion outside the criminal law, effectively removing any significant legal protection for unborn children and their mothers. Decriminalising abortion would make many incidents of abuse more difficult to prosecute.