Are We Ready for the Super Bowl of Politics?

By Carol Tobias, President

Editor’s note. This President’s column appears on page 3 of the January digital edition of National Right to Life News. Please share this, along with all the other stories, columns, and commentaries, with your pro-life family and friends.

The end of football season is upon us. Tens of millions of football fans will soon be watching the Super Bowl to see which team gets the ultimate victory. Someone near and dear to me prefers politics to sports, saying that politics is “sports with consequences.” And the election to be held on November 3, 2020, is the greatest super bowl of all.

Are we ready? Are there people that we still need to talk to? To discuss the silent cataclysm that is taking place every day? Do we still have family, neighbors, and friends who could use encouragement to vote only for candidates who will protect unborn children?

As the new National Right to Life Committee office was being dedicated and blessed (see story on page one), our Vice President, Tony Lauinger, related a story from World War II. Railroad cars carrying Jews to the concentration camps would pass by a little church on Sunday mornings. Knowing who was on those trains and where they were being taken, and believing they could do nothing to stop the evil deed being carried out, the parishioners would sing a little louder so they couldn’t hear the cries of people on the train.

Thanks to you, I know that it is true that fewer and fewer Americans are “singing louder” to insulate themselves from the carnage. I am thrilled that, thanks to you, so many people are opening their eyes, and their hearts, to the plight of unborn children. And I am continually amazed at how much our Movement is accomplishing.

For example, we continue to enact pro-life legislation in the states– many different types with different objectives but the same ultimate goal: protecting unborn babies and their mothers. We must educate the public about what is currently happening in their state.

We believe women should have accurate information about everything that happens during an abortion, what the complications may be, and what alternatives are available. We want a woman to know that if she starts the chemical abortion process, then changes her mind, she may be able to save her baby. So legislation is proposed that will provide this information, including information about “Abortion Pill Reversal.”

We want the public to know that living unborn children bleed to death as their arms and legs are torn off in a dismemberment abortion. And that unborn children, by at least 20 weeks gestation, can feel horrific pain during the abortion.

They learn these gruesome but necessary truths when bills are publicly debated.

Thus proposing and passing laws can both save lives and educate the public. Dedicated pro-lifers all over the country are accomplishing just that. So much so that the abortion industry has decided they need to fight back harder than ever. They have succeeded in getting a handful of states to enact radical legislation ensuring that unborn children can be targeted throughout the entire 40 weeks of pregnancy–and even after a “failed” abortion.

This combination of legislation and education has contributed to the steady decline of abortions in the country. We are at about half the number of abortions we saw in 1990. Every lost life is one too many, but this enormous reduction is a tremendous credit to hard-working right-to-lifers all across the country.

The elections this year will determine whether we continue on the path to providing full protection for unborn children and their mothers or if we take a step backward, prolonging the fight for many more years.

Will we have a president who issues pro-life executive orders and promulgates administrative rules to benefit Life? Currently, President Trump’s Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance policy (a much expanded version of what was formerly known as the Mexico City Policy) prevents our tax dollars from being funneled to foreign non-governmental organizations that perform or promote abortion as a method of family planning.

Congress has passed many conscience protection laws over the past few decades, ensuring that medical personnel may not be coerced into participating in actions they find objectionable, such as abortion and assisted suicide. The Trump administration is working to enforce these conscience laws but some federal courts are trying to stop those efforts. Will the next president uphold or oppose conscience protection rights?

It is certainly possible that the president elected in 2020 could appoint two new justices to the Supreme Court, maybe even three. Will the next president look for judges who adhere to the text of the Constitution or who will uphold and maybe even expand the holdings in Roe?

Will the senators elected in November vote for pro-constitution judges or will they block any nominee who is not approved by Planned Parenthood?

Will newly-elected members of the U.S. Senate and House vote to protect unborn children, or will they pass a New York-style, no-limits-on-abortion-throughout-pregnancy, bill for the entire country?

There is certainly much to do. But instead of singing a little louder and pretending we don’t know what’s going on, the right-to-life movement has taken up the challenge.

We will be ready for the battle because we ARE ready to win, not for ourselves but for unborn children at home and abroad!