Action Alert! : Contact your Virginia State Senator & Delegate Today!

By Olivia Gans Turner, President, Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL)

The pro-abortion ERA will be voted on in both the State Senate and House of Delegates soon.

Please use this link on the VSHL Legislative Action Center to send an email to your State Senator and Delegate urging them to oppose the pro-Abortion ERA.

We must vigorously oppose the pro-abortion ERA because we don’t want to leave the decision up to the courts if it is valid.

In spite of recent comments from the Department of Justice and the National Archivist that in fact the ERA is passed time to ratify, the pro-abortion majority at the General Assembly is driving ahead. The vote may not be only symbolic if a new court case is launched after the vote.

If enacted the ERA as presently written would be used to eliminate virtually every single pro-life law in the country including the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban and require taxpayer funding of abortion-on-demand.

So please act today!