What a Shock! Pro-abortion forces introduce radical bills to strip away pro-life Virginia laws!

By Olivia Gans Turner, President, Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL)

Olivia Gans Turner, President Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL)

They aren’t wasting any time moving their extremist agenda forward. The list of bills already introduced by pro-abortion leadership in the Senate and House of Delegates include three versions of the pro-abortion Equal Rights Amendment, a bill to remove the sensible parental consent law, two bills to eliminate the life-saving ultra sound requirement and 24 hour waiting period, and last but not least a bill to make access to abortion a permanent right in the Virginia Constitution!

There will probably be other bills including an attempt to pass the same bill that Sen. McClellan and Del. Tran introduced last year that would have allowed unrestricted abortion up to the moment of birth! Also, we can expect efforts to force taxpayers to fund abortions in Virginia.

Other attacks on human life may come in the form of a new attempt to pass a “Doctor Assisted Suicide” bill. Those with disabilities and the elderly will be the main victims of any such law. The door is wide-open and we must all stay vigilant.

If ever you doubted that elections have consequences, please doubt no more.

The 2020 General Assembly opens on January 8th. It will be critical that every pro-life citizen start contacting their Delegate and Senator from Day One about your opposition to the passage of any of these dreadful and deadly bills.

These are the bill numbers and links to read them for yourself. VSHL will make information and updates about each bill available on the VSHL website throughout the session.

Please share these messages with your family and friends. Helping engage others in civic action is critical to our efforts to attempt to stop the pro-abortion juggernaut that looms before us.

Pro-abortion bills introduced so far:

  • SJ 5, Sen. Saslaw, ERA, and SJ 1, McClellan, ERA
  • HJ 1 (ERA), Del. Carroll Foy
  • SJ 2, Sen. Saslaw, a pro-abortion amendment to the Virginia Constitution
  • SB 21, Sen. Saslaw, overturns multiple pro-life laws, including parental consent, 24-hour waiting period and ultrasound law
  • SB 68, Sen. Locke, overturns protective ultrasound pro-life law.

U. S. Supreme Court upholds Kentucky law

On Monday the Supreme Court left in place a Kentucky law that requires doctors to perform ultrasounds and allows mothers to see images of their unborn child before an abortion can be performed.

The high court declined, without comment, to hear an appeal brought by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of the state’s lone abortion clinic.

The reasonable law, which requires a doctor to describe an ultrasound in detail while a pregnant woman hears the fetal heartbeat, was passed in 2017 and signed into law by Kentucky’s out-going pro-life Governor, Matt Bevin. Defenders of the law point to the opportunity the law gives women to receive vitally needed medical information about their pregnancy and unborn child before having an abortion.

The Republican Party of Virginia tweeted the following comments after the decision of the Court:

“Thanks to @MattBevin, @KYHouseGOP, & @KYSenateGOP for passing HB2, which requires an ultrasound before an abortion. This decision by SCOTUS to allow the lower court ruling to stand is a victory for the unborn!”

Hopefully this decision will provide a strong line of defense for Virginia’s ultrasound law during the General Assembly debates to remove our law in the upcoming session.