The Bully Pulpit vs. the Ballot Box

By Barbara Listing, President, Right to Life of Michigan

Elections have consequences! We are now living with the consequences of the results of election 2018 gubernatorial results. With the election of Gretchen Whitmer as Michigan’s governor, we knew the days ahead would be drastically different for Michigan citizens who value life.

During 2018 campaign days, we pointed to her pro-abortion legislative record and her campaign speeches promoting a reversal of Michigan’s protective, lifesaving laws. Now during her first year in office, the Governor has the “bully pulpit” and is using it to publicly promote a death agenda.

On October 29th, Governor Whitmer held a press conference to announce her support of radical pro-abortion bills misnamed the Reproductive Health Act. If enacted, the bills will drastically change the landscape of Michigan. Michigan will join states like New York, Illinois and California to embrace and celebrate abortion. Should the bills ever become part of Michigan statutes, what can we expect? Our predictions:

  • A rapid increase in the number of abortions from both Michigan citizens and out-of-state women. Michigan becomes a mecca for the unlimited right to abortion.
  • A reversal of the present 80% decrease of teen abortions. Secret teen abortions will again become the norm with the removal of any parental consent requirements.
  • An increase in abortion-related complications with abortion clinics no longer being inspected or needing to meet standard health regulations.
  • Women being coerced into an abortion by men, family, employers, school personnel with the abolishment of present protections.
  • An increase in abortion complications with any medical professional being able to perform abortions.
  • The deaths of more unborn children and more walking wounded women.This is only a partial list of what could face Michigan citizens in the days ahead. Our pro-abortion Governor and her allies in the state legislature have given us their blueprint for Michigan’s future.

We desire a different future for Michigan. We’ll continue our work to make Michigan a state which values all life especially the most innocent members of our human family. We will not abandon our duty to unborn babies. We will continue to work to prevent the killing of unborn children by such barbaric procedures as dismemberment. We will continue to demand none of our money goes to kill unborn babies. We will continue to ensure parents are not excluded from their teen’s life and death decisions.

The Governor may have the “bully pulpit” but prolife citizens have the ballot box. We must continue sending legislators to Lansing who will stand in the way of this Governor’s desire to turn Michigan into a state which promotes death and not life.

Editor’s note. This appeared in Right to Life of Michigan News.