What happened at Wednesday’s state Senate committee hearing on proposed Florida parental consent bill?

By Jan G. Halisky, Vice-President for Legislative Affairs, Florida Right to Life

I am writing just to give you an update on yesterday’s hearing on the Parental Consent bill before the Senate Health Policy Committee. Here is what happened.

Before the hearing could take place, Democrat opponents of the bill filed fifteen hostile amendments in an effort to either kill it or delay it. Not only that, but they had lined up speakers on behalf of each amendment. These “speakers” were apparently last-minute and clueless, because someone was handing them notes on what to say.

Thankfully, all of the amendments were voted down by the committee. However, so much time was consumed in this effort that no vote could be taken on the main bill. It will probably be another month or so before another committee hearing can be set to consider the bill itself.

Florida Right to Life President, Lynda Bell, was present at the hearing and was prepared to speak in favor of parental consent. She and other pro-life speakers were disappointed that they could not be heard due to the Democrats’ stalling tactics, but given that all fifteen amendments were voted down, I am hopeful that when the original bill is heard, it will be favorably moved forward.

Thank you for all you did in contacting the members of the Senate Health Policy Committee. Your efforts helped to increase the resolve of the Republican members to fight the efforts to kill the bill. We shall let you know when the next committee hearing will take place.