Tuesday’s elections for Pennsylvania Superior Court are crucial

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Tuesday, November 5th is a critical day in Pennsylvania. The fall election will decide the composition of Pennsylvania courts for years to come.

The Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Political Action Committee has recommended Megan McCarthy King and Christylee Peck for Superior Court. Both candidates are strict constructionists who will uphold the Constitution and not make laws from the bench.

The Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation PAC is also recommending the following judges for retention: Judge Judy Olson (Superior Court) and Judges Kevin Brobson and Patricia McCullough (Commonwealth Court).

In sharp contrast, the political arm of Planned Parenthood has endorsed Amanda Green-Hawkins and Daniel McCaffery for Superior Court. Although McCaffery’s ads say he will protect women and children, the Planned Parenthood endorsement indicates that he would make pro-abortion policy as a Superior Court judge.

Meanwhile, Amanda Green-Hawkins’ campaign website notes she is “proudly” endorsed by Planned Parenthood’s PAC.

For additional pro-life election information for Pennsylvania, please visit www.paprolife.org/2019vg.