Still an awful loser, Hillary Clinton bashes President Trump at NARAL’s 50th Anniversary gala

By Dave Andrusko

I remember rolling my eyes (subconsciously, I didn’t want to be rude) whenever people who should know better would tell me that after a year or so of stewing/brooding over her election defeat, Hillary Clinton would just….go away. Really?

If they watched a snippet on CBS from the full interview that will air Sunday, or listened to her speak at NARAL Pro-Choice America’s 50th birth celebration Thursday night, they’d see the fire, the resentment, the anger, the entitlement burns as hot today as it did November 8 when Clinton and all her friends in the Monster Media learned Donald Trump had won the election.

(Clinton sycophant Jane Pauley conducted what is described as “a wide-ranging interview with Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea, about their new book.” Clinton we’re told, “weighs in on talk of impeaching President Trump; the potential of the president’s reelection; her loss in the 2016 election; and her life today.”)

Judging by the clip, Clinton had practiced her attack dog lines that were part of her speech to NARAL. Here are two tweets from Clinton about the gathering:

Obviously I wasn’t at last night’s gala at the Capitol Hilton, but the Huffington Post’s Josie Harvey was. We learn….

Pro-abortion Speaker Nancy Pelosi shed some crocodile tears for President and later said she prays for him. Who knew?

Harvey writes

Pelosi also emphasized the right of every woman to reproductive health care, saying, “We have won in the court of public opinion, and now we must continue to win in the court of law.”

By packing the Supreme Court? By assassinating the character of nominees you don’t approve of?


said the nation had also reached an important crossroads on reproductive freedom.

“In the last Democratic debate, there was not one single question about abortion rights. It has to be a critical issue in 2020.”

Maybe the moderators didn’t ask because (a) all the contenders are abortion militants, or (b) worried someone might spill the beans and reveal that they endorse abortion on demand through the 40th week (approval of beyond is still under wraps) and want the pockets of the American taxpayer picked to pay for them.

NARAL Pro-Choice America is a still a formidable force, even if its glory days are in the rearview mirror. How appropriate that Hillary Clinton would finish the “celebration.”