A Good Samaritan and another remarkable story of an abortion survivor

Editor’s note. The following powerful account was sent to NRLC’s Facebook account.

“I Am Asiimwe Ronald, a student of Law at Bishop Stuart University, pursuing Bachelor of Laws in Uganda! My Mum never wanted to give birth to me due to poverty and the influence of my father who couldn’t afford to take care of my Mum.

“They decided to abort me at 7 months, but it failed! So 9 months reached after giving birth to me they dumped me into a garbage pit for 1 day and a good samaritan who came to throw away the garbage picked me up. His wife took care of me but due to poverty I grew around the streets feeding on garbage.

“One day, a local pastor rehabilitated me because I was on drugs and I managed to change slowly, day by day, until my life was restored!

“Now I am a new person with big dreams.”