What are your first impressions of the August digital edition of National Right to Life News?

By Dave Andrusko

By now, all of our many NRL News and NRL News Today subscribers have received the latest monthly digital edition of NRL News, “the pro-life newspaper of record,” in their in-boxes. Let me offer a first-take overview of all the stories, columns, analyses, and educational fare.

On page one, we start with two important stories. The first is a reminder that there are state elections in 2019 and several special congressional elections as well. We need to know who the pro-life candidates are and our Political Director, Karen Cross, does a fine job in bring us up to speed.

Also on page one is an in-depth look at the crisis Planned Parenthood is in the midst of (for numerous reasons), crystallized by the sacking of Dr. Leana Wen after only eight months as President. There are other stories about PPFA’s mounting troubles.

Elsewhere we write about our friends in the major media, who fear that pro-life President will succeed almost as much as they despise him. Impossible as it is to believe, mixed in with a non-stop litany of attacks in the Washington Post actually ran a political overview that acknowledges that our 45th President is doing far better than you would ever suspect by news coverage.

There are, of course, multiple stories about state legislation and the faithful state attorneys general who defend them against the ACLU, PPFA, and the Center for Reproductive Rights. Very encouraging.

Likewise (and such stories are often readers’ favorites), we have stories about preemies who’ve beat the odds and babies who have beaten even greater odds: they were abandoned but rescued in time!

We try each issue to probe what makes the pro-abortion mind tick. On that score, I would offer an editorial that runs under the headline, “In finding an ‘outer limit’ to her ‘pro-choice beliefs,’ did an obstetrician reveal more than she intended?”

We have several stories about the 20+ pro-abortion Democrats running for president. We talk specifically about former vice president (and former U.S. senator) Joe Biden who continues not only his support for unlimited abortion but his habit of making the kind of remarks that makes Democrats worry whether Biden is able to run an effective campaign.

There is the distressing news out of California that the state may soon pass a law requiring that free chemical abortifacients be made available on all California campuses. NRL News provides the complete background on a proposal so crazy even pro-abortion former Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed it.

On the positive side, the number of abortions in Georgia continues to decline—an overall drop of almost 20% in 25 years! And (too late alas but still welcomed news), two pro-abortion Kansas state Supreme Court justices have retired.

There’s much more, which we will discuss later in the week. In the meanwhile, please read the August NRL News cover to cover and pass the issue on using your social media contacts.

Thank you. Please send comments to daveandrusko@gmail.com.