President of Florida Right to Life Responds to Sen. Lauren Book’s Bill That Would Block Legislative Votes on Abortion

Editor’s note. This appeared at The Florida Report August 7th.

The Hon. Lynda Bell
President of Florida Right to Life

Those in Florida who oppose Sen. Lauren Book’s controversial measure are speaking out.

On Wednesday, President of Florida Right to Life Lynda Bell responded to Book’s proposed bill calling for a constitutional amendment that would prohibit the Florida House of Representatives and Senate from voting on a bill that would affect access to abortions unless women legislators were equally represented.

“Lauren Book has become so radical that she wants to eliminate the constitution and clearly doesn’t understand Representative government,” Bell told The Florida Report. “Her bill would halt the voice of every person — women included — who happened to vote for a man!”

If successful, Book’s bill would undermine the electoral and legislative process in Florida and attempt to artificially circumvent the way legislators enact and vote on legislation in the Sunshine State.

Bell is just one of many conservatives who have claimed that Book’s push for fairer representation is harmful to how Florida elects its leaders. Many Floridians believe that women are already fairly represented, given the fact that every single female voter in the state had the opportunity to vote for someone who would, then, represent them.

Bell went on to offer a piece of advice to Book and other Democrats who want to alter how laws are enacted in both chambers.

“I would encourage them to take a civics course,” she said.

Bell currently serves are the President of Florida Right to Life, a non-profit public service organization dedicated to protecting and fostering life itself. The pro-life organization seeks to be the catalyst that will bring about change in public opinion as well as the laws that govern the state.