Hollywood’s on-screen abortion agenda attempts to normalize killing unborn children

On-screen abortion depictions have reached record levels

By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

On-screen abortion depictions have reached record levels

Hollywood has been pushing on-screen abortion at record levels, in an attempt to normalize it.

According to Gretchen Sisson, a scholar who tracks how abortion is portrayed on-screen, popular shows such as Scandal, Dear White People, Veep and Shrill have been ‘unapologetically’ depicting on-screen abortion in ways which would have been ‘unthinkable a decade ago.’

Speaking to The New York Times, Sisson said: “You’re definitely seeing more of the matter-of-fact ‘I am pregnant, I don’t want to be, I’m going to have an abortion’, and it’s gone way up in 2019.”

Sisson’s research focused on tracking how abortions are depicted in the entertainment industry. Her study revealed that halfway through 2019, there had been 21 on-screen conversations or depictions of unborn children being killed by abortion. Sisson believes that Hollywood will have exhibited on-screen abortion at ‘record levels’ by the end of 2019.

The More We Normalize Abortion, the Better

Pro-abortion advocates happily express their desire to normalize the killing of unborn children through on-screen abortion stories. Pro-abortion lobbyist, Lindy West, creator of TV show Shrill and co-creator of Shout Your Abortion, told Jezebel, that unless abortion is shown on-screen the public will think “it hurts, it’s scary, traumatic and it’s evil.”

West said: “We especially don’t see anyone have an abortion and be happy about it and say that it made their life better. And I think that the more we normalize abortion, especially right now, the better.”

Celebrities Scandalized By Not Killing Unborn Children

This is not the first time that the pro-abortion agenda rooted within Hollywood has been exposed. Earlier this year, a gang of more than 40 Hollywood celebrities expressed mass outrage over the prospect of legal protections being passed in the state of Georgia, which would safeguard unborn children from abortion. The celebrities, who included Ben Stiller, Amy Schumer and Alec Baldwin, penned a letter to the Governor of Georgia, threatening to boycott the state if legal protections for unborn children were introduced, and described the safeguards as ‘evil.’

Similarly, entertainment giants, Netflix and Disney, who often market their business to very young children, protested the prospect of unborn children being protected from abortion. Both companies issued threats to boycott the state of Georgia if legal protections for unborn children were introduced.

Abortion Is Not and Can Never Be Normal

Michael Robinson, SPUC Director of Communications said: “What we are witnessing is a relentless attempt from entertainment giants to normalize the mass killing of unborn children and bully into submission those who try to protect them. The fact that celebrities and the entertainment industry as a whole, believe themselves to be so superior, that they can manipulate and bully legislators and audiences for their own pro-abortion agenda is utterly contemptible.”

Mr. Robinson continued: “The entertainment industry appears to be obsessed with manipulating public perception of abortion and these ‘record level’ figures expose these methods. Let us be clear, the killing of tiny humans can never, and will never be normal.”