The Pro-Life Educational Event of the Year will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year

Editor’s note. This appears in the July digital edition of National Right to Life News. Please share with pro-life friends and family. We count on you to “get the word out.”

2020 is a big year. It is the year we will decide, yet again, the fate of the most vulnerable and defenseless class of human beings in the world–the unborn.

How better to equip ourselves with essential pro-life knowledge and education than to host our 2020 annual convention near our nation’s capital? Not only is it a big year for our country, but a big year for us. National Right to Life will celebrate our 50th convention in 2020 by educating, engaging and encouraging the grassroots. Join us!

Patricia Sandoval

We already have some big names lined up for you to hear and meet–one will be Patricia Sandoval, a former Planned Parenthood worker and a woman who has had 3 abortions herself. Read some of her testimony of what it was like to work at Planned Parenthood:

My first day on the job, my supervisor told me: “You have to do everything in your power to convince these girls to abort. If they’re fearful and want to leave, tell them that you, too, had an abortion. But never say the word, “baby.” You must refer to their baby as a ‘thing.’”

Dr. Gregory P. Seltz

Our Prayer Breakfast speaker will be Dr. Gregory P. Seltz, the Executive Director of the Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty and the former Speaker Emeritus of the Lutheran Hour.

We will be at the Hilton Washington Dulles Airport hotel, a few miles from Dulles Airport in Virginia on June 26th and 27th of 2020. We hope to see you there!