The electoral price Democrats will pay for their abortion absolutism

By Dave Andrusko

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What a day we live in. Even Michael Wear, who was part of pro-abortion President Barack Obama’s faith-based initiative and served on both of Obama’s presidential campaigns, reluctantly understands his party has gone bonkers on abortion.

Note: when it comes to his old boss, Wear sees him as the model of middle-of-the-roadism on abortion, a conclusion that is as wildly wrong as it is an embarrassing example of toadyism.

When trying to counsel a strategic retreat from a politically impossible position, a tried-and-true tactic is to shift the blame by assassinating the character of your opponent. Suffice it to say, Wear leaves no stone unthrown.

Writing in the pro-abortion to the gills New York Times, Wear (of course) starts by blaming someone else–President Trump–for his own party’s full-throated embrace of abortion extremism.

Why? Simply because by smearing President Trump, Wear doesn’t have to deal with the substance of what President Trump has said or the party’s position on abortion that is shared by only a tiny fraction of the American electorate.

Wear writes in his Times’ op-ed that the Democrats’ “2020 candidates have taken an uncompromising stance, leaving potential Democratic voters who are sincerely concerned about abortion vulnerable to Mr. Trump’s appeals and exploitation.”

Examples of where the Democrat Party is out step with the American people? Let us count the ways. We’ll start with Wear’s and add even more!

”In the first presidential debate, Senator Elizabeth Warren was asked if there was any restriction on abortion she supported; she could not name one, and no other candidate on the stage tried to either. ”

(Obama’s vice president, former Sen. Joe Biden, has tried to have it multiple ways on the Hyde Amendment [credited with saving two million lives by cutting off virtually all federal funding of abortion] before settling in on an unctuous mea culpa: Biden has seen the light, the Hyde Amendment must go! Not exactly a profile in courage.)

Wear goes to warn that President Trump will “use the issue” by

“casting Democrats’ approach to abortion as ‘evil’— just as he did in 2016. We saw a preview of this approach in this year’s State of the Union address, when he said that lawmakers “cheered with delight” at the passage of New York’s Reproductive Health Act, which he claimed would “allow a baby to be ripped from the mother’s womb moments from birth.” He characterized the governor of Virginia as willing to “execute a baby after birth.” This approach, particularly if Democrats are unable or unwilling to respond clearly and directly, can be politically effective. [my underlining]

Wear’s totally fabricated argument is that these laws would not allow abortion up until the moment of birth, which, in fact, they clearly would. The author of Virginia’s (fortunately unsuccessful) abortion proposal, Del. Kathy Tran, flat-out admitted her proposal would allow abortion up through all 40 weeks!

Gov. Northam said, plain as day, whether any medical treatment is extended to a baby who survives an abortion is wholly up to the mother and the abortionist. That is infanticide, plain and simple.

Back to Joe Biden, who is working overtime to re-establish his pro-abortion cred. His “health plan,” released Monday at [kudos to POLITICO for alerting readers] is a slash and burn attack not only on the Hyde Amendment but also on many other policies that also have enormous popular support:

*Biden’s Plan would “codify Roe,” this year’s code phrase used to pass laws that goes miles beyond Roe and Doe. Out with “parental notification requirements, mandatory waiting periods, and ultrasound requirements.” Get it? Parents are a bother; giving women a day or two to ponder a life-and-death decision is unacceptable; and offering women a chance to look at the baby she is about to annihilate is an infringement of liberty.

*His plan would continue to shovel money into the federal fiscal trough in which Planned Parenthood plants its snout year after year. This, even though the ultra-pro-abortion 9th Circuit Court of Appeals just rejected emergency bids to temporarily set aside a June 20 decision rendered by a three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit that allowed the Trump administration’s family planning rules to go effect. Those rules forbid Title X grantees such as Planned Parenthood from co-locating with abortion clinics, or from referring clients for abortion. That would go by the board under Biden’s Plan.

Also as President, Biden would “reissue guidance specifying that states cannot refuse Medicaid funding for Planned Parenthood and other providers that refer for abortions or provide related information.”

You get the point. Biden is in the abortion camp, body and soul, so to speak, as is every Democrat running for President in 2020.

The Democrat Party is in lockstep with Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and EMILY’s List, which is their right. But even the likes of Michael Wear (and many other Democrats who speak to publications off the record) understand this is a formula for electoral disaster.

Wear’s final statement is that many Democrats seem to think they can “take inflexible positions of their own and still win. They may be right this time, but I wouldn’t be so certain.” A far more sophisticated—and accurate—assessment came a few paragraphs earlier:

Unfortunately, Democrats seem more ready to exclude voters who are uncomfortable with their abortion policies than to reach out to them.

What Wear doesn’t say explicitly there, he has said so implicitly earlier. There are massive numbers of “voters who are uncomfortable with their [the Democrats’] abortion policies.”

It’ll be fascinating to see what direction Democrats take when they can no long deny that, on abortion, they are racing down the road speedily headed off the cliff.