Abortion makes young men more successful?

By We Need a Law

Last week, [the Canadian newspaper] National Post ran an article [about a study evaluating the impact of abortion restrictions. The article’s premise? When a teenage girl gets pregnant, it will have a negative long-term impact on the father if she does not get an abortion.

The article opens with this line: “When young women use abortion services, the adolescent men who avoid becoming teenaged fathers go on to have better educational and financial futures than peers who do become teen fathers.”

With this, it continues, “As we see more abortion restrictions being passed across many states, it’s important to consider the potential broader consequence of these restrictions,” said lead study author Bethany Everett of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.”

It seems young men go further in school and make more money if they don’t have to take responsibility for their children at a young age. So, for the social good, a young woman should consider killing her baby so the man who fathered it can be more successful.

Tell me again how abortion is about women’s liberation and equality?

Editor’s note. We Need a Law is a pro-life Canadian educational organization. This appeared at weneedalaw.ca and is reposted with permission.