Thinking back how I was struck by “pro-choice” blindness

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

When I look back on the brief time when I was a young adult and thought I was “pro-choice,” I am struck by my blindness.

During that period, I was blind to the fact that abortion took the life of an innocent, unrepeatable child.

I was blind to the humanity of the child in the womb.

I was blind to the fact that every form of abortion is a type of violence directed against a vulnerable baby.

I was also blind to the emotional pain inflicted on women by abortion.

I was blind to their suffering and their immense grief.

I was blind to the fact that, rather than opening doors for women, legalized abortion closed many, leaving them in a prison built by lies.

I was blind to the immeasurable pain borne by men who lost their fatherhood to abortion. In fact, I did not think of men’s role in the equation at all. If my male co-workers, friends, and neighbors had been touched by abortion, I never knew it.

In addition, I was blind to the political agenda of pro-abortion candidates and office-holders. For them, blind allegiance to the abortion industry was—and is—the order of the day. I often wonder whether the politicians who so vociferously battle for abortion recognize the brutality of the practice. Or do they purposely close their eyes to a tragedy they simply don’t want to recognize?

As pro-life advocates, it is incumbent upon us to help gently remove the blinders from people’s eyes—so that they can see abortion for what it truly is—a ghastly practice which is lethal for babies, dangerous for women, painful for men, and traumatic to our society.

Through the kindness of life-affirming education, more and more Americans will, in fact, see the truth.