Site for Dads: ‘Thanks’ to Abortion, Men ‘Free to Pursue Lives We Choose’

By Alexa Moutevelis Coombs

On June 6, liberal activist Christopher Keelty announced to the world how he benefited from his child’s death by abortion. Ironically, he did this on the online publication Fatherly, which describes itself as “the leading digital media brand for dads.”

Keelty wrote an essay titled What My Partner’s Abortion Taught Me: Men Benefit From Choice, Too after he and his partner Liz decided they were not “ready” to have kids.

The couple was in Utah last fall for a marathon when they found out Liz’s IUD failed and she was pregnant:

We’d rushed to the hospital earlier that day, knowing a failed IUD can be a life-threatening emergency. Luckily, the sonogram showed that her life was safe, but we were less confident about her rights. The date was October 7, 2018. A day before, two thousand miles away, Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as a Supreme Court justice.

Alas, abortion didn’t become illegal overnight when Kavanaugh joined the Supreme Court, despite liberals’ hyperbolic warnings and hysterics.

Keelty tried to tie their personal experience last year to the “draconian restrictions” in recent state pro-life bills, but completely bungled it, repeating the debunked lie that women would go to jail for having an abortion:

Liz was at least six weeks pregnant, which meant under some new laws, an abortion would have made her a felon, facing a prison sentence up to 99 years — as would the doctor who performed the procedure. Under Georgia’s newest law, had we been residents and left the state to obtain a legal abortion elsewhere, we’d both be eligible for long prison sentences.

Liz asked if he was okay with them having an abortion and Keelty was proud to report that not only did he agree, “more importantly — while I appreciated being asked, my opinion didn’t matter. Her body belonged to her, not me, and no pregnancy would change that.”

Yes, her body belongs to her, but a child’s body does not belong to his or her parents. Pregnancy changed the fact there was then another human’s body living within her body and that child’s life wasn’t theirs to take.

Keelty then went on to talk about how the abortion personally and professionally benefited him, going so far as to falsely imply that thousands of women will die if Roe falls.

While the decision was entirely hers, Liz’s choice to terminate benefitted me. It meant I could continue pursuing the personal and professional life I wanted. The laws that protect that choice also meant I wouldn’t lose my partner to a botched back-alley abortion — as so many partners, children, family, and friends did before Roe v Wade — or to a long prison sentence.

Reproductive rights are not only women’s issues — they benefit men, too. We don’t say that often enough.

That’s not said often by the pro-abortion side because it’s a shameful thing to admit. Pro-lifers have recognized for decades that abortion is great for men who like to sleep around and use women. OF COURSE men like that would support abortion for their own selfish reasons; it lets them off the hook.

They went back to Manhattan “where Liz could undergo a safe, legal abortion” at Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger Health Center. Actually, it is not very safe – on Friday that location hospitalized their 7th woman in 16 weeks, bringing the total number of botched abortions requiring hospitalization to at least 20 in a little more than 2 years.

Keelty praised Liz for “vocally and publicly sharing” her story on her own site. But, he said:

With her consent, it’s my story, too… While millions of women have benefitted from safe, legal abortion, so have millions of men like me— though many of us might not know it. Nearly one in four women under age 45 have had an abortion.

In actuality the report he based that last claim on says, “If the 2014 age-specific abortion rates prevail, 24% of women aged 15 to 44 years in that year will have an abortion by age 45 years,” which is different and changes as abortion rates lower.

From this, Keelty concluded:

So, gentlemen, there’s a fair-to-good chance that you, too, have benefited from the right to reproductive choice…

Thanks to the state of Utah, we know our baby would have been due any day now, had Liz chosen (or been forced) to carry the pregnancy to term. She and I could be overhauling our lives to accommodate the child we never wanted. Instead, thanks to the availability of safe, legal abortion, we are both free to pursue the lives we choose.

Apparently he thinks this has never occurred to anyone before and that men oppose abortion not realizing how it affects them. Little does he know that many men are acutely aware of how abortion negatively affects them and they grieve over the decision to kill their child, whether they were involved in it or not, every day.

(If you are seeking help and healing from the pain of abortion, please check out Rachel’s and PATH – Post Abortion Treatment and Healing, both of which have sections for men.)

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission.