Missouri Governor Mike Parson Signs “Missouri Stands For the Unborn Act,”

By Missouri Right to Life

Missouri Governor Mike Parson

Today, Governor Parson signed into law the “Missouri Stands For the Unborn Act,” SS SCS HB 126. This is groundbreaking legislation that will save lives and set the standard for pro-life legislation nationwide. ​​​​​​​​​

SS SCS HB 126, the strongest pro-life bill in Missouri history, will:

  • ban abortion at detection of a heartbeat at 8 weeks, if overturned
  • ban abortion at 14 weeks, if overturned
  • ban abortion at 18 weeks
  • ban abortion when the baby can feel pain
  • require 2nd custodial parent notification
  • require Missouri informed consent requirements for out-of-state abortion referrals
  • increase required malpractice insurance to 3 million dollars
  • increase to 70% of the donation, tax credits for donations to Pregnancy Resource Centers and lifts the limit on the amount of the donation
  • ban abortion when Roe v. Wade is overturned
  • ban abortion for race, gender, and Down Syndrome diagnosis

The last week of session, the legislature, with bipartisan support, also passed “Simon’s Law,” SS HB 138. The bill prohibits a health care facility, nursing home, physician, nurse, or medical staff from instituting a do-not resuscitate order or similar physician’s order for any child who is not emancipated or under juvenile or family court jurisdiction without oral or written permission of at least one parent or legal guardian. Governor Parson has said he will sign it into law.

We thank the Missouri House and Senate for their commitment this session to increase protections to both born and unborn children and their parents. We thank Governor Parson for his strong commitment to pro-life legislation and leadership in helping to pass these two important pro-life bills!