May digital NRL News prepares pro-lifers for NRL Convention and updates you on the latest news

By Dave Andrusko

A preface. As hard as we try, we know only a small percentage of the possible universe of pro-lifers receive either our daily NRL News Today output or our monthly NRL News, which we published on Tuesday.

So, please advise your friends that they can receive both by taking 30 seconds and filling out the form at

I’m hoping the following brief overview of just a few of the many, many news stories, editorials, president’s column, and educational pieces will whet your appetite to read the entire 41 page issue May digital edition of National Right to Life News and to pass stories along to pro-life family and friends.

It may seem early, but don’t tell the more than 20 Democrats who have already announced they will be running against pro-life President Donald Trump in 2020. Political Director Karen Cross provides a fine narrative overview and a very helpful graphic showing where the announced Democratic presidential contenders stand on the issues important to you and me.

On that same page one, Abby Loftus reminds us how soon the annual NRLC convention will be here. Be sure to read what Abby tells us about speakers at the July 5-6 gathering in Charleston, South Carolina, and register at

NRLC President Carol Tobias asks the question of the hour: just how far will pro-abortion militants go? Read her answer on page 3.

On page 4, Abortion Survivor Melissa Ohden explains how “Abortion Survivors refuse to allow the nation to ‘be New York,’” a place where abortion is unlimited and abortion survivors find themselves in a free fire zone.

As always there is rich mixture of stories about women and men bravely facing down physicians telling them it’s “better” to abort their children; Planned Parenthood’s latest publicity facelift; what’s happening in the state legislatures; and the powerful impact of women helping centers.

Be sure to read the May digital NRL News and to remind your friends who aren’t receiving NRL News or NRL News Today to sign up at