Canadian woman pleads guilty to attacking two peaceful pro-life demonstrators

By Dave Andrusko

Last year, a video of Jordan Hunt, a Toronto hairstylist, delivering a roundhouse kick on an unsuspecting woman at a Life Chain rally in Toronto went viral. Who would have anticipated what would happen October 1 , the very next day?

Another lesser known attack—in this instance Gabriela Skwarko who in another unprovoked attack went after Katie Somers and Blaise Allyene.

Skwarko was seen on video knocking down signs and shoving Somers, who suffered bruises,” according to Sean O’Shea of Global News.

On Wednesday, Skwarko pled guilty to attacking the two and in a joint agreement the prosecution and the defense counsel “recommended Skwarko receive a conditional discharge and 18 months’ probation,” O’Shea wrote. “The judge said he would accept the recommendation. He will pronounce the sentence on May 10.”

The attack took place at Ryerson University, which is located in Ontario, where Katie Somers and Blaise Allyene, with Toronto Against Abortion (TAA), were peacefully holding signs.

Skwarko, then a student at Ryerson, approached them.

In the video, “Skwarko is seen picking up a dolly that held the signs and throwing it in their direction,” O’Shea reported. “Skwarko reaches into Somers’ backpack and smashes an object on the ground while pushing her.”

“I was shocked and terrified,” Somers told Fox News after the attack. “When I cried out in pain I kind of thought she would leave me alone but it seemed to make no difference to her.”

Skwarko “chased after me, grabbed my full, stainless steel water bottle and smashed it on the ground, then grabbed my backpack, yanking me back and forth,” Somers said. “I yelled, ‘Get away from me!’ And she came after me and shoved me. She then moved on to Blaise [Alleyne], bumping him in the chest with hers and saying, ‘Let’s go, are you filming me? Let’s do this!’”

“I don’t like seeing my friends get beat up in the street,” Blaise Alleyne, president and founder of TAA , told Fox News’ Caleb Parke. “We’re in the business of exposing violence to end it. We’re shining a light on this deplorable behavior. Assaulting somebody for having a conversation is not acceptable. We want to expose it and end it.”

Skwarko had worked at the school’s Office of Social Innovation and is part of the Ryerson Reproductive Justice Collective. When charges were filed last year, she lost her job and was suspended from Ryerson for a year.

Skwarko apologized in court, O’Shea reported.

“I’m glad Gabby is pleading guilty and taking responsibility for her actions and I hope the ruling will be a sufficient deterrent,” said Somers, who said she accepted Skwarko’s apology.

“I thanked her, it meant a lot to hear her express remorse for what she did,” Somers said.

Somers told the court in a victim impact statement that she has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the incident.