Update On SB165 & SB179 Votes: SB165 Doesn’t Have The Votes, SB179 Passes 12-9

By Nevada Right to Life

There were two votes yesterday on bills Nevada Right to Life opposes: SB165 to legalize assisted suicide and SB179 regarding abortion.

SB165 Assisted Suicide

There was no vote on SB165 to legalize assisted suicide. Instead it was “Placed on Secretary’s Desk.” That means they don’t have the votes-yet. But if certain senators can be flipped by the well-funded, well-heeled assisted suicide lobby, that could change.

Your calls, emails and spreading the word and not letting go has made a huge impact. We need to keep up the good work. We’ll keep you updated, but thank you, thank you, thank you for your efforts which have kept assisted suicide advocates from having the votes to pass this deadly legislation.

SB179 Abortion.

SB179 passed 12-9. Eleven Democrats supported it, 2 opposed. Seven Republicans opposed and 1 supported SB179. It now goes to the Assembly.

The good news is that bad things were taken out of the bill. The bad news is that there are still some bad things in the bill. But your calls and emails have helped us remove a lot of bad things.

During the floor debate on SB179, Senator Ira Hanson, the 2016 Recipient of Pro-life League of Nevada’s Champion for Life Award, offered an amendment to SB179 that would have offered women the opportunity to view an ultrasound before they make the decision to have an abortion.

During floor speeches on the bill, Democrats spoke about women needing medically accurate and scientific information. But those same Democrats opposed Senator Hanson’s amendment and rejected this 21st century technology, and for good reason.

A vast majority of women who have the opportunity to view an ultrasound of their baby choose life. When that happens, it kills the bottom line of their abortion industry patrons. At the end of the day, these Democrats do not trust women with medically accurate, scientific information.

Click here to watch Senator Hansen and others speak on the Senate floor.

There’s still a lot wrong with SB179 as it goes to the Assembly. Thank you for your efforts to help improve it. We’ll have more information soon.

Thank you to Democrat Senators Marcia Washington and Moises Denis, President Pro Tempore, for their votes against SB179. Please thank them and the following Republicans for their votes. Contact information is below.

1.) Please thank these Senators for their votes opposing SB179.

Please email these senators and thank them for voting no on SB179. In the subject line write, “Thank you for your vote against SB179.”

Note: There is a batch of email addresses to these Senators below that you can copy to send to all the Senators at the same time.


Senator Pete Goicoechea

Senator Scott Hammond, Co-Minority Whip

Senator Ira Hansen

Senator Joseph (Joe) P. Hardy, Assistant Minority

Senator Keith F Pickard

Senator Heidi Seevers Gansert, Co-Minority Whip

Senator James Settelmeyer, Minority Leader


Senator Marcia Washington

Senator Moises Denis, President pro Tempore

2.) Register your opposition to this bill at the legislative poll site. Go here. Go to Select a Bill, choose SB179 and say “No on SB179” or some other message.

3.) Please follow us on Facebook at Nevada Right to Life and share our communications. Try Clicking here to see in web view and post to social media.

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