Thousands of Pro-life Virginians Participate in a March for Life in Richmond

By Virginia Society for Human Life (VSH)

A crowd of over 6,500 people from every area of the Commonwealth of Virginia gathered on Wednesday on the steps of the Capitol building for the second time in just two months to be seen and heard by legislators.

Thousands of pro-life Virginians filled every corner of the grounds at General Assembly building on Wednesday.

They came to protest the shocking comments made in the last General Assembly by Delegate Kathy Tran about her bill to legalize abortion up to birth, and the amazing follow up comments by Virginia Governor Ralph Northam that infanticide was acceptable if the baby survived an abortion.

People traveled from as far away as Abington to Alexandria, Virginia Beach, and Woodstock to hear an outstanding array of speakers at the Rally before the March. They were reminded that Del. Tran frankly admitted that her bill legalized abortion “up to 40 weeks.” Gov. Northam then went on a radio program where he not only defended Tran’s “Repeal Act” but shocked the nation by suggesting that a baby who might survive an abortion attempt could in fact be legally left to die!

Melissa Ohden, an abortion survivor, shared the truth about the ultimate damage every abortion does and real lives lost.

Featured speakers included Melissa Ohden, herself a survivor of an abortion performed on her at almost the seventh month of her mother’s pregnancy. Melissa passionately reminded all those attending that every abortion is a human life and has a face like her own.

Also addressing the crowd was Ryan Bomberger, whose own mother gave birth to him after a rape left her pregnant. He was adopted and is now a father of his own family that includes adopted children. He spoke to the fact that the compassionate response to women facing complicated pregnancies was adoption not abortion.

Virginia Society for Human Life President Olivia Gans Turner told the crowd that in a sense they owed a debt of gratitude to Gov. Northam. It was his cruel comments about allowing abortion survivors to die that awoke the country to the dreadful truth of the abortion agenda–abortion allowed to birth and beyond!

Turner stressed how pro-lifers were able to defeat the radical abortion agenda pushed by pro-abortion Members of the General Assembly during the 2019 session but reminded her audience that pro-lifers have only a one vote advantage in the House of Delegates and a one-vote advantage in the Senate.

Had the abortion advocates like Del. Tran been successful, Virginia would be just as bad as New York!

Turner told the thousands on the steps that this is an election year in Virginia and it is vitally important to elect a solid pro-life majority in November. “There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that pro-abortion legislators will fight hard this year to gain the votes they need to overturn all of Virginia’s protective pro-life laws and force their radical agenda, including making abortion a fundamental right in Virginia become a reality!,” she said. “Pro-life voters must not be silent from now until election day.”

Pro-life members of the Virginia House of Delegates led by Speaker of the House Del. Kirk Cox make a surprise appearance at the Rally.

There was a wonderful surprise gesture at the midway point in the Rally. First the entire pro-life Republican Caucus stepped out on to the steps of the Capitol building, to be followed a few minutes later by the Senate Republican Caucus members who waved at the huge crowd cheering at the sight.

All in all, Wednesday’s rally was a stunning success for the cause of life. Pro-lifers have proven to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear that we are watching and demanding the protection of the unborn from our elected officials.

Karen Cross, NRL Political Director, and Olivia Gans Turner, president, Virginia Society for Human Life

Those who refuse to hear the voices of pro-life Virginia are not welcome in our General Assembly.

This November Virginia must vote pro-life.