ACTION NEEDED: Two euthanasia bills scheduled for votes in Oregon!

By Lois Anderson, Oregon Right to Life

Bad news. HB 2217 and another bill, SB 579, have been scheduled for votes in their respective committees early next week. Please contact your legislators now.

HB 2217 would expand an existing loophole in Oregon’s physician-assisted suicide (PAS) law and allow the lethal medication to be delivered through a variety of new ways (IV, gas mask, injection, etc.). Even pro-PAS activists testified against this legislation at the public hearing.

SB 579 would remove the 15-day waiting period for people who are near death, allowing a suicide the same day the request is made.

Both bills would make it more straightforward for malicious people to commit euthanasia, further endangering vulnerable Oregonians.

Please contact your legislators now.

Because everyone deserves an advocate,

P.S. After you send your emails, please use the social share options to let more people know. Recently, an old bill (SB 494 from 2017) has gone viral on the internet, horrifying people everywhere. Unfortunately, that battle is long over and the bill long since signed into law. We cannot afford latecomers to this effort.

We need unity and a concerted resistance and we need it NOW.