Pro-lifers help poor couple have their baby

By Sarah Terzo

Pro-life activist Ken Campbell told the following story:

“On a cold, rainy October day in 1987, Reza, then aged 25 years and Nasrin, aged 21 years…found their way into the back alley of the [abortion clinic]. Here they met two wet and cold sidewalk counselors, Craig and Mary, who offered them pro-life pamphlets and help to continue the pregnancy. The couple was confused and upset about the idea of abortion. Raised as Muslims, each believed in the sanctity of preborn life, but Reza could see no other option for them. They were applying for immigrant status and could barely survive financially.…. As they faced the terrible reality of abortion before them, their hearts sank, but still they decided to enter the [abortion clinic] .… Sickened by the atmosphere, they walked out. Reza recalled, “It looked and felt evil in there.” His reaction crystallized his thoughts and feelings and he remembers thinking, “I’m not a criminal. I don’t want to kill my baby. It’s human too.”

Craig and Mary had waited outside the [abortion clinic] and silently prayed for the young couple. When they reappeared Reza told them “It’s like a house of death in there.” He gave Craig his phone number… The next morning Craig called offering practical and financial help: $500 from Save the Baby Fund to ease their money worries, basic pieces of furniture… a clock and a mattress, a used TV set so Nasrin could learn English, a medical referral to an ever obliging pro-life obstetrician, Dr. Ned Lacey, and even the offer of a better paying job.…

The couple was married on December 10, 1987… Craig would’ve been a witness but he had to appear in court that day on trespassing charges at the abortuary, so Mary filled in for him….

Shayan, which means “deserving”, was born a few months later. His delighted parents summoned Craig…and Mary to the hospital where all rejoiced at the arrival of this precious baby. They proclaimed Craig to be the “baby’s first uncle.” During the next year Craig and his wife continued to visit the family frequently.”

Ken Campbell Five Years Rescuing at the Gates of Hell (Burlington, Ontario, Canada: Coronation Publications 1990) 76 – 77.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Clinic Quotes and is reposted with permission.