Why do you matter? Just because you are

By Dave Andrusko

A while back a few of us were having a conversation over coffee and bagels when something a member of a class I lead said reminded me of a quote to which all pro-lifers would probably say a hardy “amen.”

The great apologist G. K. Chesterton once wrote, “All men matter. You matter. I matter. It’s the hardest thing in theology to believe.” Regardless of what anti-life Democrats in Congress and in a distressing number of states believe, that applies to unborn babies who survive abortions.

Rob Renfroe took Chesterton’s observation and concluded, “And that God—the God who is big enough to speak all of that [just the part of the universe we know about] into existence and hold it in the palm of his hand—says you matter to him. He says I matter to him.”

Could there be anything that more fundamentally separates pro- and anti-life forces than the bedrock pro-life conviction that every life matters? That lives are not disposable based on some sort of sliding scale, whether that is “wantedness” or “quality of life” or anything else equally arbitrary.

To be fair, we shouldn’t expect anything else. The pro-abortion mind experiences a kind of brain freeze when you say this.

Their default position includes there are SO many people in the world (a canard that is far less impressive now that many nations are approaching negative population growth); people, including youngsters, die from accidents (as if deliberating taking a life and inadvertently taking a life are two sides of the same coin); this is merely/only/just a “religious” tenet (as if anything any position that originates from, or draws additional strength from a religious impulse, is automatically suspect), etc., etc., etc.

As I once wrote for the monthly digital edition of National Right to Life News, “Our unyielding belief that ‘every single life matters’ means that pro-lifers are immune to the eugenics temptation which rears its ugly head in many guises.”

However Senate Democrats are not immune, as demonstrated by their vote Monday to stop the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act dead its tracks, along with the lives of all those unborn babies who escaped the abortionist’s first attack.

But we know, as did pro-life Senate Republicans, you matter, I matter, we all matter just … because … we … are.