Why Are You Pro-Life?” Part Three

By Dave Andrusko

An intriguing question, wouldn’t you agree? NRLC used its Facebook account to ask people to answer the seemingly simple question, “Why Are You Pro-Life?” On Wednesday and Thursday, we posted samplings of the many, many responses.

Here are a few more examples of how kind, generous, and thoughtful pro-lifers are.

Eric: Because I believe in the golden rule and my unborn brothers and sisters need my help.

Aerie: It’s a natural instinct. All lives deserve life. God created for life.

Hannah: Because God has a purpose for every life.

Mary: Because I believe that human beings are alive upon conception. Nothing grows that is not living.


Bonnie: Abortion destroys a human life and our future.

Barbara: Because God said, “Thou shalt not kill” and because love never takes a human life away.

Ike: SO I CAN HONESTLY ANSWER THIS QUESTION, which is…it’s GOD’S GIFT, take good care of it.

Steve: It is a life. It matters.

Kate: Proud Catholic.

Rick: Because I exist….

Diane: It simply makes sense

Thomas: I was once a fetus

Jane: Every human being has the right for life. Each baby is created in the image of God and God wants each one. Murdering is a sin!

Kathy: Because the most vulnerable among us should not be murdered for convenience

Terry: All human life has value, all human life is created by God, in His image, and ALL are created with a Purpose!

Jarrod: Because life is amazing and precious.

Theo: The Lord has given us a strong command: Thou shalt not kill. Exo 20:13 — questions?

Alan: There is no moral alternative!