So why have pro-abortion Democrats gone off the deep end now?

By Dave Andrusko

“Some pro-choice purists have always been comfortable confessing, at least in private, that their highest priority is the right not to mother. Now they are, in effect, confessing it publicly, too. But this raises uncomfortable questions, most obviously: What sort of political party is willing to cheerfully advocate destroying infants even as they’re getting ready to be born?” — Megan McArdle, Washington Post

“With what Hillary is saying, in the ninth month, you can take the baby and rip the baby out of the womb of the mother just prior to the birth of the baby. Now you can say that that’s okay, and Hillary can say that that’s okay, but it’s not okay with me.” — Donald Trump, during third presidential debate with pro-abortion Hillary Clinton.

“Trump’s late-term abortion warning in 2016 debate against Clinton goes viral”Fox News headline

To answer Ms. McArdle’s rhetorical question. While no “party” will publicly embrace “destroying infants even as they’re getting ready to be born,” bear in mind (a) individuals such as Democratic Va. State Del. Kathy Tran and presidential aspirant Hillary Clinton will matter-of-factly say, “sure”; and (b) operationally, Democrats already support killing unborn children up to birth and are neutral (if not worse) on whether you can fail to treat a baby who survives an abortion.

You will see this in bills proposed in state legislatures and in the Democratic response to congressional proposals such as the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. Democrats will offer as many excuses as there are grains of sand on the beach, but they are, in this sense, just being “logical.”

The baby was supposed to be dead. Why spend time, money, and energy on trying to save a child who survived the abortionist’s onslaught?

But, why now? Why boldfaced, with limited pretense otherwise (see New York) declarations that you want abortion legalized until labor and excuse-mongering about caring for abortion survivors?

We could offer a hundred reasons. Here are just a few, my attempt to get to the core explanations. (The all-purpose cover story is that the Supreme Court may/will overturn Roe v. Wade.)

*This is what pro-abortionists have always believed. We forget the bad old days when the craziest of the crazy pro-abortion “feminists” glorified killing unborn child, seeing in the baby’s remains (and I do not exaggerate) a kind of demented secular sacrament.

Rai Rojas wrote this harrowing story us a few years back. It began

In the early days of November 1983, a conference was held in the beautiful old city of Barcelona, Spain. On this day, this majestic city facing the Mediterranean Sea was overtaken by thousands of Spanish feminists, gathered there to conference on how to best change Spain’s protective abortion laws.

At the height of the convention, two young pregnant women were taken into a conference room and aborted. The abortions were taped for posterity and at the next day’s general assembly the leading feminists of the day held up two glass jars containing the remains of the two aborted children.

The thunderous applause led to cheers and screams of delight as the two dead babies were displayed high above the heads of the speakers as if they were trophies. Those there report that the room shook from the stomping of feet and the chants that followed.

*There is in the rabidly pro-abortion mind an ability for disconnection and disassociation that is almost clinical. What, prior to her repeal every abortion law in Virginia bill, was Va. State Delegate Kathy Tran most famous for? Breastfeeding her daughter on the floor of the Virginia House of Delegates.

Why, she was asked by NPR? “I had a baby that was hungry and I needed to feed her.”

But that baby girl was “wanted.” Thus, Tran fed her.

Gov. Northam was not about to back down from his soft-on-infanticide remarks on WTOP radio. His solution was to tout his credentials as a pediatric neurologist: “I have devoted my life to caring for children and insinuation otherwise is shameful and disgusting.”

*Without getting off our single-issue focus, let me state the super-abundantly obvious. Being very, very, very “progressive” is now the hallmark of House of Representatives Democrats. As Tran’s bill, and the support she received for it from fellow Virginia Democrats, extremism is now in the DNA of many-to-most younger Democrats. That they would be in favor of unlimited abortion and laissez faire (at best) on infanticide is part of the package.

*It is (the worst possible) “symbol” of an increased number of female Democrats winning seats in state houses and Congress. They may agree on nothing else (actually, I’m guessing they agree on almost everything else) but they all agree they should salute the flag of “reproductive health care.” Although there might be a dissenter, here or there, there is no room for disagreement.

They have uncritically accepted the mantra that the ability to “space” their children is what has allowed them to succeed. To challenge this secular article of faith is received the same way they would respond to arguing the earth is flat. How could anyone be so ignorant?!

*President Trump is pro-life. What his administration has done in just two years is amazing. The response of pro-abortion Democrats who already hate him for multiple other reasons? Double-down, triple-down on support for “abortion rights.”

Take that, Donald Trump. One more…

*Presidential aspirations. You can bet your mortgage Hillary Clinton will run again. And the slew of pro-abortion Democrats who have already announced plans to run (not to mention all the others yet to make it formal) all worship at the same abortion-on-demand shrine.

Remember when then-candidate Trump called Clinton’s bluff? When he said “With what Hillary is saying, in the ninth month, you can take the baby and rip the baby out of the womb of the mother just prior to the birth of the baby,” most the media and all the Democrats cried foul. (You can watch the exchange here.)

The only thing more certain than a third run by Hillary Clinton is that the 2020 Democratic platform will promote abortion as the party has never boosted it before. And rather than crying foul, they will respond, “And proud of it!”

What to do? Organize, work, spread the truth.

Virginia’s elections are this November. If Democrats assume control of both houses, a bill at least as extreme as New York’s will be on the desk of Gov. Northam within weeks.

Forearmed is forewarned.