“My birth parents decided to dream big: They chose adoption over abortion.”

By Dave Andrusko

My immediate and necessary mea culpa. I love well done pro-life videos which, by the way, don’t need a gazillion dollars invested in producing them. All they need accomplish is to remind us either (a) abortion is viciously brutal and beneath us as a culture ; and/or (b) remind us that there is a better way: adoption.

Which brings us to Choose Life. Choose Us, which Joshua Goodwin, the Communications Director for freshman Rep. Rep. William Timmons, and some friends put together. Mr. Goodwin was kind enough to send along their video which, while less than two minutes long, packs a real wallop.

As we are told, Drew Micah, Brandon, Mia, Meredith, Carson, Brennan, and Alana are “real people” with “real stories” who are making a “real lives” which are having a “real impact.” All are alive today because their mothers choose life.

None of these eight delightful young people even hints they believe that life-affirming decision was easy. They know better. They look of the many tough circumstances—pregnant at 17, a marriage “ready to implode,” a mother of two little boys, abandoned by her husband, another mother “with no way to support a newborn baby.”

But their moms “choose life…choose us.”

One young man tells us she is “So glad she didn’t wish me away.”

Another added, “She saw what others couldn’t see.”

Still another young woman quietly expresses her gratitude that her mom “choose to give me the rest of my life.”

As Micah puts it, “My birth parents decided to dream big: they chose adoption over abortion.”

It’s a wonderful video. Please take out just a couple of minutes to watch Choose Life. Choose Us [https://www.facebook.com/adoptedlife1/videos/vb.2310438558986664/336643756950168/?type=2&theater] and share it widely.