Casting a much-needed light into the dark minds of radical pro-abortionists in Virginia

By Dave Andrusko

The symbolism could not possibly be exaggerated. A rally of at least 500 to 700 pro-lifers coming together Saturday in response to pro-abortion Del. Kathy Tran’s proposed legislation that would have stripped away all pro-life protections and allowed unrestricted abortion up to birth and to the shocking comments of pro-abortion Va. Gov. Ralph Northam who not only supported Tran’s radical proposal, but also made it clear that he does not believe there is an obligation to treat a baby who survives an abortion—infanticide!

The rally was to precede a previously-scheduled town hall by Delegate Tran, state Senator Scott Surovell, and state. Senator George Barker. But unwilling to face their constituents and the public, the three pro-abortion legislators decided to cancel the town hall!

Undeterred, the noon rally took place in Fairfax County. Olivia Gans Turner, President of the Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL) was among the pro-life speakers was eloquent. Her powerful remarks are reposted below.

Virginians and the nation were shocked and repulsed by comments from Gov. Ralph Northam, who has a long history of supporting extremist pro-abortion positions. His views don’t surprise anyone in the pro-life movement in Virginia. He has expressed his desire repeatedly to sign laws that will overturn Virginia’s pro-life laws and enshrine abortion as a “human right” under our State Constitution.

VSHL President Olivia Gans Turner (center)

The Governor is not alone. The Democratic Caucus of the General Assembly, Attorney General Mark Herring, and Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax are in solid support of these extremist pro-abortion bills. Delegate Tran’s heinous bill simply cast a much-needed light into the dark minds of those in the General Assembly that see abortion as the ultimate good for women and who have absolutely no respect for the helpless lives of the unborn who perish in every abortion.

The avowed ethos of the pro-abortion lobby is to go all in for every abortion, even at nine months of pregnancy, and strip the states of any pro-life laws on the books. For them abortion must become a sacred human right in our state Constitutions! New York and its “Reproductive Health Act” has become the standard for every other pro-abortion governor and legislature.

The outcry we are hearing now points clearly to the disgust that most Virginians and Americans have toward these attempts to strip America of every hard-won pro-life protective law. New York may have set a new standard of shame for other states to copy but Virginia will not be one of them.

Pro-abortion Virginia Democrats believe they are within striking distance of their goal. They think that the people of Virginia will be persuaded to support their agenda to become another New York with no pro-life laws on the books! We must and we will prove them wrong

The unborn child is the forgotten member in every debate. Every abortion stops the beating heart of an unborn child. Abortions after 20 weeks cause excruciating pain to that same child, and abortion in the ninth month of pregnancy requires that a fully formed child be either poisoned or pulled apart limb by limb.

I have had an abortion, I know that women deserve medical care that does not kill their babies or put their bodies and minds at risk for years after the fact.

Virginia Republicans have made it clear that they intend to stand strong in defense of life and oppose pro-abortion bills.

The difference between the two sides of the Virginia House of Delegates is very clear. There are far too many pro-abortion Delegates ready and willing to do the bidding of the abortion industry at the expense of the women and unborn children of Virginia.

We must not look away.

Virginians must decide the direction we shall go, and it must not be to mimic the tragedy of New York!

Update: The next event is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 7th at the state Capital in Richmond where Mrs. Gans Turner will again be one of the speakers. You can learn more about rebuffing the pro-abortion agenda by going to link.