“Why Are You Pro-Life?” Part Two

By Dave Andrusko

Recently NRLC used its Facebook account to ask people to answer the seemingly simply question, “Why Are You Pro-Life?” Yesterday we posted a sampling of the many, many responses.

As you’d expect, they were delightful. Here are a few more samples of how kind, generous, and thoughtful pro-lifers are.

Melissa: Because my mother chose life for me a mere 8 months after Roe v. Wade and placed me for adoption. She loved me more than herself. She endured the pain of not getting to raise me at a time when closed adoption was the norm. She gave me the most precious gift of all, LIFE. Because of her, I get to be a daughter, granddaughter, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, wife, mother , friend.

Jennifer: My daughter Faith is what made me pro life. I had previously not really taken a side. My daughter was born with anencephaly and while we were given the option to terminate early at 20 weeks, we chose life for her. She lived for 18 hours.

Julie: Everyone’s life has value…A person’s rights shouldn’t override another’s rights- through their death. The inhumanity of abortion & the government’s total lack of seeing this genocide for what it is, is sickening.

Joe: Because the most fundamental human right is the right to life; all other rights are denied to any human who has their right to life taken away.

Mary: Many reasons but mostly because we have One Life, One Chance. One human being should not take that one chance, One life from another. God gave us Life, we must respect it and Let the Babies Live! Adoption is just One Option!!!

Gary: I am pro life because it makes absolutely no sense to kill millions of innocent babies a year . I have four daughters and two grandchildren I just can not understand the need to kill them !! It shows poor judgement and lack of morals !!

Kathy: I don’t see how anyone can be horrified by the Holocaust but not see abortion is the exact same thing.

Terry: All human life has value, all human life is created by God, in His image, and ALL are created with a Purpose!

Jarrod: Because life is amazing and precious.

Tim: Because taking an innocent life is wrong period.

Ollie: I believe in the dignity of the human person.

Bob: Every life matters. Each is a gift. We will never know the blessings they bring if we abort them.

Alex: Women, families, and America deserve better than abortion.

Emily: Because how much a person is wanted should not be the determining factor as to whether they are born or aborted. Life is our first, most basic, right.

Matthew: I am Pro-Life and Proud! My parents were Pro-Life; my true friends are Pro-Life; my family in Pro-Life. My Wish is that more Americans were Pro-Life & Proud. Abortion is NOT health care. Abortion is killing innocent, unborn babies. THANKS MOM & DAD FOR THE GIFTS OF LIFE & LOVE!

Dawn: Because God is.