“We don’t make them pay a single cent, unlike places like Planned Parenthood.” A Crisis Pregnancy Center volunteer speaks out

By Sarah Terzo

Here is a picture of a room in a crisis pregnancy center that is filled with clothes to give to expectant mothers and poor parents

A woman who works at a crisis pregnancy center wrote:

“I started volunteering at my local secular crisis pregnancy center in the greater Seattle area, for 6 hours a week, in early September. It’s been several months and I already feel like I have learned a lot, not only about how to fold baby clothes into bundles or how to take clients in, but also about humanity and charity, and how misogynistic, classist, and racist the pro-choice attack on these centers is.

“To start off with, we provide all services for free. They are for low-income prgnant and parenting women. We have free baby clothes, toddler clothes, shoes, maternity clothes, pregnancy tests, breast pumps, nursing bras, diapers, baby wipes, bottles, baby/toddler dishes, formula, food, toys, books, car seats, strollers, cribs, cradles, jumpers, and any other pieces of furniture or big toys when we get them. I have seen pretty much anything you can think of that deals with pregnancy or parenting, come into the clinic. We also give referrals to various social services, such as WIC…..

“We don’t make them pay a single cent, unlike places like Planned Parenthood. So we truly offer purely free items for struggling families. Taking clinics like this away from all the people we have serviced, or trying to make it harder for us to provide these free items, is a gross attack on lower class people, especially since places like Planned Parenthood don’t bother to give any of these baby/toddler/maternity items to needy women. In fact you won’t find baby clothes or diapers or strollers or anything like that at any abortion clinic. Planned Parenthood doesn’t help you plan your parenthood at all, it just tries to eliminate it for you.

“It takes a ton of privilege to be able to tell people that because you want every clinic that helps women to provide abortions, poor women aren’t allowed to have free baby supplies…

“There is a lot of racial diversity in our clients as well. I have seen various people from all across the race and religion spectrum. People who are Pacific Islander, Arabic, Hispanic, Muslim, Ukrainian, Egyptian, African American, and so on and so forth. To take away free supplies from all these various minorities is racist and an injustice. They need help being able to afford these supplies and abortion clinics certainly aren’t going to help them. Higher rates of infant mortality due to systematic racism mean that every affordable baby supply is truly needed for a person of color. It is a privileged position to take that away.”

Kristin Monahan, “What I Learned from Volunteering at a Crisis Pregnancy Center” Secular Pro-Life Blog DECEMBER 18, 2018

Editor’s note. This appeared at Clinic Quotes and is reposted with permission.