The ERA battle begins in Virginia

By Olivia Gans Turner, President, Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL)

Yesterday the Virginia General Assembly opened with a flourish on the 400 year anniversary of government in the Commonwealth.

The members of the Senate Privileges and Elections Committee decided to bring out the pro-abortion Equal Rights Amendment as their first order of business in this historic year. The bill was carried by Senators Saslaw and Sturtevant.

Unfortunately, the motion passed 8 to 6 to send the ERA to the full Senate for a vote soon.

The Democrats who supported it are Senators Edwards, Howell, Dance, Deeds, Ebbin, and Spruill.

Two Republicans, Senators Vogel and DeSteph, voted with the Democrats to pass the ERA.

Republican pro-life Senators Chase, Peake, Reeves, Ruff, Chafin and Cosgrove voted to oppose it.

The effect of the ERA in states that passed it has proven that the agenda is to dismantle pro-life laws, including to force states to pay for all abortions with tax dollars.

Yesterday’s vote is just the beginning of this fight. It is essential that our voices be heard.

The crowded room was full of angry faces demanding the ERA, but a good size group of committed ladies from all over Virginia had made the trip on short notice to attend this hearing and show our opposition to the ERA.

Only five speakers were allowed on each side so we selected a group of strong, educated and diverse ladies to represent our concerns. Miss Jacqueline Hawkins represented VSHL and her concerns of African American women and abortion after ERA.

Those of us tracking the votes on this issue were not surprised by yesterday’s vote count. We have work to do now. We need to focus on the House of Delegates members. That is where our messages can make a big difference!

We need to convince the Delegates that this issue matters to pro-life Virginians and that we are paying attention to their vote! Your messages help us do just that.

Please use this link to find your legislators and contact them today. Be polite but clear that you want them to oppose the ERA if it gets to a vote.