On the eve of its 46th anniversary, another pro-abortion lament that Roe will fall

By Dave Andrusko

Today’s nominee for the “you can’t make this stuff up” award is an op-ed that appeared in what’s left of TIME magazine. “The Case for Starting an Emergency Abortion Fund” is written by Robin Marty, a veteran pro-abortion scribe who has authored a new book, “Handbook For A Post-Roe America.”

As it happens, I just learned today that the evolution of some of Marty’s recent work will culminate (according to the pro-abortion site rewirenews.com) in the book’s publication today! Here’s the origins story.

Lindsay King-Miller tells us that rather than “freaking out” as King-Miller did, at the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy, Marty “was organizing her thoughts” into a twitter thread which

she turned it into a HuffPost article, and then a book proposal, and then a book. After a breakneck round of drafting and editing, Handbook for a Post-Roe America will be available January 15.

Marty’s TIME magazine op-ed is timeless, so to speak. Roe doesn’t have to be overturned for her advice to be taken, although, granted, it begs to be ridiculed. Just as you would have automatic deductions taken out of your paycheck to pay for (fill in the blank) or just for a rainy day, you could do likewise for a different kind of future unexpected turn of events: becoming unexpectedly pregnant.

You would think (but apparently you would be wrong) if a “person” (aka a pregnant woman) could have had the foresight to reroute money to pay for a future abortion and accompanying expenses, the likelihood that she would be unexpectedly pregnant in the first place would be greatly reduced. (Grace Carr dubbed her post on Marty’s op ed, “Piggy Banks for Abortion.)

You never know how seriously pro-abortionists take their own end of the world [Roe] as we know it rhetoric. Typically, they are really grousing about state legislation which is commonsensical (except to the Abortion Industry), and in close harmony with the public’s view—for example, they don’t want their tax dollars paying for elective abortions.

But we can hope they are not only right in the Big Picture—the Fall of Roe—but that the legal monstrosity falls sooner rather than later.