A semi-candid assessment of the real reasons abortion clinics are closing by a pro-abortion writer

By Dave Andrusko

In 2016 during the time the Supreme Court was considering the ultimately successful challenge to Texas’ HB 2, NRL Director of Education & Research Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon analyzed one of the key arguments pro-abortion litigators made in the case of Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt: that the law caused many abortion clinics in Texas to close.

His conclusion? “Abortion clinics close for many reasons – scandal, poor management, failure to meet basic safety standards, etc. But one of the biggest reasons is simply that there isn’t enough business to keep them all in operation and profitable.”

Thus, I read with considerable interest a post at the pro-abortion Daily Beast that ran under the headline “Abortion Clinics Keep Closing. Not for the Reason You Think: The number of providers nationwide fell by 25 in 2018, part of a decade-long trend.”

There was much toing and froing and excuse-mongering, although there was (from their perspective) one good reason for the decline: more DIY (Do IT Yourself) chemical abortions.

There was the usual almost pro-forma complaints about harassment in Emily Shugerman’s story, but no little to no evidence. Indeed, the primary “harassment” is that pro-life organizations are buying up property close to abortion clinics.

What Nikki Madsen, executive director of the Abortion Care Network, did not mention was (a) that pro-lifers were establishing pregnancy help centers in those locales, and (b) that they had also taken over the space formerly occupied by abortion clinics!

There is a nod to the truth in Shugerman’s story. She paraphrases UCSF Professor Ushma Upadhyay who told the Daily Beast “some clinic closures could be the result of decreased demand because fewer women are having unintended pregnancies.”

That is true. But was is also true—as the decrease in the abortion ratio demonstrates—that when women unintentionally do become pregnant, they less frequently chose abortion and more often chose life. Pro-life education and the nearly ubiquitous presence of ultrasounds are changing hearts and minds.

There is great symbolism in the recent New York Times story about how badly Planned Parenthood affiliates had treated their own pregnant employees. What else would you expect from people whose livelihood depends on dehumanizing unborn children?

But that story (and others like it) remind us the Abortion Industry has hit on hard times. All the more reason to increase the pressure, reroute federal dollars to community health centers which provide many more services but no abortion, and celebrate pregnancy help centers.