Pro-abortion truth-mangler Sen. Kamala Harris tells pro-abortion audience what we need more is….truth!

By Dave Andrusko

Senator Kamala Harris

You remember pro-abortion Senator Kamala Harris (D-Ca.) She is the presidential aspirant (isn’t every Democrat?) whose smear of now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh was so intellectually dishonest even the Washington Post Factchecker and Politifact blanched.

Harris had tweeted out an 11-second clip of Kavanaugh speaking at his confirmation hearing which, oh so conveniently, deleted one second of what he said (the words “They say”). The effect was to incorrectly attributed to Kavanaugh an assertion that someone else had made. Sleazy even by the standards of Democrats at Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing and subsequently.

Why do I mention this today? Well Glamour magazine, which is grown absurdly pro-abortion, gave Sen. Harris its “Woman of the Year” award.

With that in mind, here is part of the lead into her November 12 acceptance speech:

When Kamala Harris took the stage at Glamour’s 2018 Women of the Year Awards on Monday, November 12, she stressed the importance of one thing: truth. In what’s proven to be a categorically challenging year for women in the U.S., Senator Harris (D-Calif.) directed her acceptance speech at the women in the room, explaining the importance of speaking up in a nation that’s becoming increasingly divided in the face of political polarization.

I won’t belabor the obvious. We’ve already talked at length about the attempted hit job Senate Democrats tried on Justice Kavanaugh which he bravely fended off.

I would just say that for Sen. Harris to say in her remarks that there is “something that this country needs more of. And that is to speak truth,” is chutzpah on steroids.