NRL Victory Fund radio ad inspires postman to write powerfully eloquent story on behalf of unborn children

The National Right to Life Victory Fund is once again intensely involved in this year’s critical midterm elections. As such, we have been working day-and-night to make sure that as many Americans as possible are armed with the truth about which candidate will, in fact, protect life once he or she is elected before going to the polls.

The NRL Victory Fund has been making Get-Out-The-Vote phone calls, sending out nearly 2 million e-mails, airing countless radio ads and sending traditional mail to vast numbers of pro-life households. All in the hopes of ensuring that as many pro-life members of Congress and the Senate are elected on November 6th.

One of those pro-life radio ads was heard by a postman on his way to work last week. He thought about our pro-life message and as he claims, “it very much resonated with him.” That day, as he delivered mail, a narrative formed in his heart. He finished his route, went home and penned this story.

He graciously submitted it to us via Facebook and authorized us to share. When asked if he wanted credit for writing this heart-rending post, he responded by saying, “Anything the Father gives us is for the family to use! Please do not give me credit and feel free to edit.”

Here is his unedited post, inspired by a radio ad on behalf of a pro-life candidate.


“Today at a local establishment in the downtown area of New York City a young woman was viciously attacked and killed by an armed man. It was later learned that her attacker did not know her, but was instead hired by a family member to carry out the attack.

Evidence from the scene indicates that she was still alive when the deranged man begins to dismember her bloodied body. She died from stab wounds to her head and neck area, and massive loss of blood resulting from dismemberment. It is further reported that although there were several witnesses in the room when the attack occurred, no one intervened to stop the attacker.

Instead, some have indicated that the witnesses actually seemed to give their approval to the horrific attack upon the woman. The woman’s name has not been given … since she had not yet been given a name!

She was attacked and killed in the sanctuary of her mother’s womb.”

Please, don’t say you care about protecting women if you refused to protect this one. Please do not claim that you care about the safety of women if you vote Democrat.

Democrats are the leading supporters and promoters of these attacks on young women in their mother’s wombs. If you really care about women’s issues, care about these women first … the youngest, the most innocent, and the most defenseless of all women!

Stop voting Democrat!

Thank you, sir, for sharing your truth, your eloquence and your inspiration with us. May your prayer be heeded on Tuesday.