Have you voted yet? Final reflections on the 2018 Midterm elections

By Dave Andrusko

Like almost all of you, I voted this morning and, I’m guessing, like almost all of you, the lines at my polling station were long. Neither I nor anyone else can tell you who that benefits—pro-abortion Democrats or pro-life Republicans. (Tomorrow I will tell you why I believe they are a very good sign for pro-life Republican candidates.)

I would like to talk about something that has absolutely fascinating me going back to 2016: not only the enormous number of people who attend President Trump’s rallies, but the enthusiasm and (dare I say) goodness of the people who are there.

This morning as I drove in I listened to a local radio talk show host who is witty, passionately pro-life, and a former CNN reporter (before it went over to the Dark Side) who actually bases what he says on reporting.

Chris Plante talked about the last rally of the campaign which took place last night in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. President Trump was there to bolster the chances of pro-life attorney general Josh Hawley who is taking on incumbent pro-abortion Sen. Claire McCaskill.

During the President’s remarks a woman who apparently was only ten or so rows from the stage collapsed. Plante played the audio.

At the risk of sounding hokey, I was tremendously impressed by the President’s calm demeanor and his first remark: “Is there a doctor in the house?” He kept saying they was plenty of time and then thanked the doctor when he or she came to the woman’s assistance.

And then, spontaneously, a woman began singing on behalf of the ailing woman, and perhaps something else, “Amazing Grace.” The whole audience joined in and I was as moved listening as Plante was in playing the audio.

Let me be clear. Doesn’t mean supporters of Democrats are bad or evil. I am only offering the following conclusion from what I heard and/or seen at the Trump rallies I’ve attended two years ago and this year. Which is?

That the “basket of deplorables” is filled with very decent people.

I will return in just a second to a story about the reasons people attended the rally in Missouri.

Yesterday I wrote a post headlined, “One day out from midterms, the reasons for optimism”. Here’s the relevant part for this story:

“President Trump’s all-out campaign tour could play a pivotal role. Even in a midterm election which is already attracting a tremendous number of people, some will not be motivated to make it to the polls. However if they hear about a Trump rally, or talk with fired up friends who attended a rally, let alone attend a Trump rally themselves, they easily be inspired to cast that all-important ballot. As Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey put it:

Republicans have kept pace in early voting, though, keeping a slight lead over Democrats the whole way through. Making Trump the center of these elections might end up creating a presidential-year turnout model, which seems more likely to benefit Republicans than a midterm-under-a-GOP-president model would. In less than two days, we’ll see which party won the Trump Referendum bet, but it’s no slam dunk at this point for either.

Keep that in mind as we return to President Trump’s rally in Cape Girardeau and a story written by Tyler Graef — “Trump rally attendees: Why is it important for you to be here?”

Why did they come? Let me offer just two examples.

*“I think it shows support to a president who’s under fire from the press on a regular basis no matter what he does, even though he’s doing a wonderful job for the country … I was really shocked to see just thousands of people lined up down there. It just shows the strength of the support that I think his base has. Not a lot of people over the years have been able to draw a crowd like that.”

*“I just think it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to see a sitting president. We’re willing to brave the rain and whatever else we have to. As long as it’s just a little rain, we can deal with that.”

“A once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity” to “support to a president who’s under fire from the press on a regular basis no matter what he does.”

As the friend who sent this story along added, “To put these quotes in context, it was absolutely pouring rain and bone-chilling cold on Monday.”

As I said yesterday, unlike most of the “experts,” I am far more optimistic that we can retain pro-life leadership in both the House and Senate for all the reasons I’ve offered the last month.

At the very top is this bond between President Trump and his supporters.