Countering PPFA’s “rhetorical poison with the remedy of truth”

By Dave Andrusko

Dr. Leana Wen
By Hotchocolita via Wikimedia Commons

Ryan Bomberger, the founder of the indispensible Radiance Foundation, often (and rightly) warns of the “dangerous consequence when we act without facts.” Activism without a basis in facts can lead the unwary down a treacherous path. We need, Mr. Bomberger writes, “more factivism.”

And this is what he does on his terrific blog, day in and day out. Provide facts, facts, and more facts, which includes the essential job of substituting facts for mythology and the truth for flat-out lies.

This was never more fully on display than yesterday when he wrote about Dr. Leana Wen under the headline, “Planned Parenthood’s New Prez tells the same old pro-abortion lies.”

It is a long post, where he deconstructs five “pro-abortion lies,” but it is must reading.

Here are some selected highlights, including the important context Mr. Bomberger begins with.

* Wen would seem a new recruit to the abortion army. As Mr. Bomberger notes of her interview (“infomercial” ) with “CBS This Morning,”

Wen tried to cast her role as Planned Parenthood’s new leader as “deeply personal,” claiming that her mother and her sister used the organization’s services for “healthcare.” Yet, up until she was announced as the next President of the billion-dollar abortion chain, she never mentioned ‘abortion’, ‘Planned Parenthood’, or ‘reproductive rights’ in any of her (now removed but archived) online blog entries.

Even as recently as September 2017, her Baltimore Sun Op-Ed describing her moving immigrant story never credits Planned Parenthood. She praised neighbors and her church. Guess they don’t count any longer when you have to push the lie of Planned Parenthood as the savior of women and of the poor.

*As we have written before, besides not having a lengthy history with Planned Parenthood (which performs about 1/3rd of all the abortions in the United States), in addition Wen is not a veteran political operative. Cecile Richards was—and reveled in it. As Richards once gloated to the New York Times, “We aim to be a kick-butt political organization.”

So for Wen to pretend that “Healthcare [Abortion] Shouldn’t Be Political” is preposterous. Referring to Richards’ statement, Bomberger wrote, tongue in cheek, “Wen missed that memo and the fact that the far-left group spent over $20 million on the recent midterm elections. But sure, not political.”


*As I wrote yesterday, Wen not only has the talking points down pat, she also is fluent in dramatically misstating the reach of what Planned Parenthood actually does (besides spending tens of millions to elect pro-abortion Democrats).

Bomberger refers to the pro-abortion lie that “One in Five Women Use Planned Parenthood.”

I debunked this years ago. Cecile Richards repeated this like a broken record. Looking at the abortion chain’s latest annual report, they claim to serve 2.4 million people. According to a spokesperson, 250,000 of these individuals are men, leaving 2.15 million women as “patients.” In 2016, the Census Bureau estimated there were 106,054,899 females ages 15-64 in the U.S. That would make it 1 in 50 women, not 1 in 5. Also, in CBS This Morning’s segment open, host Norah O’Donnell claimed that 8,000 patients were served, per day, by Planned Parenthood. But that would equate to 2.92 million patients!

Well, it’s only 520,000 more than are actually exploited—I mean served—at Planned Parenthood. Clearly, Big Abortion and CBS are using some common core math.

It’s a great read which accomplishes many objectives. At the top of the list is cementing a truth pro-lifers already suspect. Wen’s “seedy propaganda” is on par with Richards’s. Our job is to “counter this rhetorical poison with the remedy of truth. “