CBS Laments How Others ‘Politicized’ Abortion-Loving Planned Parenthood

By Scott Whitlock

CBS This Morning co-hosts on Monday fawned over the new president of Planned Parenthood, cheering “yay!” that she appeared on the show. The hosts also lamented that the organization, responsible for three million abortions, had been “politicized.” The journalists allowed Dr. Leana Wen to repeat the mostly bogus claim that the abortion provider offers “cancer screenings.”

Democratic donor/co-host Gayle King wondered if Wen had “trepidation” about taking a job that has been politicized: “Did you have any trepidation? You’re a mother of a 14-month-old baby, Elijah. You’re still a practicing emergency room physician. It is now become such a politicized and such a controversial job, did you have any trepidation about taking it?”

Perhaps it didn’t occur to King that Planned Parenthood has always been controversial and political. Instead, the journalists offered no correction when Wen insisted the organization is “there for women across the country to provide cancer screenings.”

The Washington Post in 2015 awarded three Pinocchios (out of four) in a fact check about mammograms

The myth that Planned Parenthood actually offers mammogram X-rays to patients has been long debunked, and needs to stop being repeated. Planned Parenthood does not administer mammograms, but it keeps being perpetuated by the group’s supporters, including celebrities whose claims have a wide reach.

While the group does provide Pap and HPV tests, it definitely doesn’t do mammograms and CBS should have called out the Planned Parenthood president.

Rather than fact check, co-host Bianna Golodryga worried about the “grudge” Donald Trump might hold against Wen:

Well, it is your first day at the job, but you are familiar with the Trump administration. As health commissioner of Baltimore, you’ve sued this administration twice and won. Given that this is a president who seems to hold grudges and has personal reactions to people directly, how do you plan open working with this administration going forward?

How bad was CBS? The tweet promoting the segment sounded more like a press release for the group:

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission.