“Adoption not abortion” — Words to live by

By Dave Andrusko

Editor’s note. November is National Adoption Month.  All this month we will posting new stories and reposting older stories about this life-affirming decision.

One of the great privileges of working at National Right to Life is that pro-lifers from around the world routinely send us news stories, personal stories, and—in many ways best of all—photos and graphics.

I don’t recall the first time I saw, “Adoption not abortion, “but these three powerful words that are a part of every pro-lifer’s vocabulary. Both my wife’s family and my family have been blessed by children adopted from as far away as Brazil and as close as Massachusetts. As their aunt and uncle, respectively, we were privileged to get to know these young women, one of whom is herself now a mother.

Just as the life-affirming choice to allow a child to be adopted sends ripples of encouragement and blessing, the impact of the choice to take an unborn child’s life is felt far and wide. To take the life of one’s child, truth must be vanquished. This is, of course, why pro-abortionists insist the only party other than the woman herself who has any role is “her physician.” (For purposes of adding a pseudo-religious gloss, sometimes the mantra adds “and her God.”)

But that child had a father, often siblings, and two sets of grandparents—to just mention those who most obviously are affected by the death of that baby. However, that is just the beginning.

I’m sure our experience is one many of you are familiar with: a young woman close to our family experiences a crisis pregnancy. Had she aborted that child, we all would have been devastated.

Instead the child is the light of her mother’s life, a source of tremendous joy to all of us, beginning with her adoring grandparents.

“Adoption not abortion”—a choice a baby can live with.