Video: Ben Shapiro destroys abortion lobby’s talking points

By Calvin Freiburger

Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a post that appeared at LifeSiteNews.

…Calling abortion a “sacrament” to the “vast majority of the political left,” Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro explained that they see it as a “defining character issue. If you are pro-abortion, you’re a good, generous, decent person who values women. If you are pro-life, you are an evil, repressive, nasty person who wants to control women’s bodies.”

“It’s that view that leads to incidents like this one, in which a pro-life advocate was kicked in the face by a pro-abortion nutcase this week,” he said, playing the video of Toronto man Jordan Hunt’s assault of Campaign Life youth coordinator Marie-Claire Bissonnette.

Turning his attention to the Democrat Party, Shapiro noted that their official party platform “calls for legal abortion all the way until point of birth,” while the abortion lobby hides what precisely they support behind “euphemistic language.”

“In fact, the word abortion is itself a euphemism,” he said. “The procedure of abortion isn’t an anodyne polyp removal; it involves doing terminal violence to an unborn child. Ignoring that fact allows abortion advocates to avoid looking reality directly in the face. So, for just a few moments, let’s look reality in the face.”

Shapiro then showed a series of images of preborn babies at 19 weeks, then 12 weeks, then 8 weeks, accompanied by discussions of who on Capitol Hill would and wouldn’t protect these children.

“This [19-week fetus] is a human child; this is not a ball of goo; this is not a cluster of cells,” Shapiro declared. …

“Take a good look at that baby,” he challenged viewers. “That is a human being with zero rights, according to the mainstream of the Democratic Party.” For children 12 weeks old or younger, he added, “not a single, federally elected Democrat would vote for an abortion ban that would protect this baby’s life.”

Ultimately, he explained, life begins earlier than all of those points, at fertilization. “This human being is not its mother; it is not its father; it is not a polyp,” he said. “If we found a human embryo on another planet, the headlines would rightly scream, ‘Human Life Found On Mars.’”

“The later the abortion takes place, the more brutal the procedure, but no matter the brutality of the procedure, it is obvious that abortion is not some mere optional surgery to be performed for convenience,” Shapiro said. “And it’s even more obvious that those who want to protect the lives of the unborn aren’t trying to control women’s bodies.”

“Those who cherish abortion are trying to control and dismember the bodies of the unborn,” he concluded. “Think about that next time you see a radical feminist in a Handmaid’s Tale outfit suggesting that you’d better respect her right to carve apart an unborn baby in the womb or you’re some sort of fascist. No more euphemisms.”